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Friday Links

“Cheers to the freaking weekend…”
– Rhianna

Busy Friday prepping for a busy weekend. Here are your links, kittens, and tell me what you’re getting up to in the comments!

Fascinating story on the tale of a viral tweet.

Interesting and important piece from the NYT about the financial realities of freelancing and how writers are opening up about it. Finances are a constant presence for me since going freelance full time and in my first year, there have been plenty of months where I didn’t make what I wanted or needed to and our savings has had to come into play. Luckily I’m finally in a place where starvation isn’t a glaring possibility, but it still feels like a constant threat. In spite of recent successes and steady work!

The history of a severely undervalued garment.

For those interested on a longer view of Mormon Feminism (a history that dates back to the suffragettes) plus some perspective of it in the digital age, Nancy Ross, an acquaintance of mine does an admirable job of laying it out.

A video game idea generator, shared on Seth Godin’s blog and emailed to me from friend and Friend of the Blog Caitlin.

Your tumblr find of the week. (h/t Jeff)

H/t to my sister-in-law Camille for this series on wardrobe building. I edited down everything I owned to two suitcases when we moved to London and it was a great experience that’s really made me rethink clothes and possessions, so the idea of capsule wardrobes really interests me.

Existential Comics. Does what it says on the tin.

Rejoice, for Kate Beaton has posted new comics at Hark, a Vagrant and teased a new book. I particularly enjoy the Greek mythology one.

I can never resist a good batch of art remakes.

Or infographics of classical literature!

Friday Links

“Friday’s a free day. A woman’s day.”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods 

It’s Friday. I’m busy with copywriting. Here are your links, some serious but mostly Springy and lighthearted because the weather outside is gorgeous and I’m going to Paris in two weeks – more on that later, eh? Let me know what you’re up to in the comments!

First and foremost, tomorrow is International Women’s Day. And here’s why it’s important:


Caitlin Kelly nails it in this post  on tips for creative success. Print this sucker out and refer to it often, I have and am.

I may be a nomad but if I had to choose a state, I’m a Virginia girl all the way. And Virginians love hospitality pineapples. It’s not unusual to see the fruit as a major decor piece around the holidays, a motif I absolutely plan on adopting if and when Jeff and I start doing more dignified and grown up entertaining. (Side note, I have long been irrationally tempted to order this customized pineapple motif stationery for team Woodland correspondence.)

I’m a big fan of lots of J. Crew’s beauty looks, this year’s is no exception. I’m a bright lip kind of woman. And handily enough, J. Crew has shared the look breakdown.

Nooo! He can’t retire!

Calling all knitters. Also, headline of the week.

Runner up for headline of the week, because who am I to stand in the way of Renaissance and cat-related progress?

Gorgeous ethnographic photography project.

An increasing number of people I know are backing off of and away from online presences. Have you ever considered this? Do you think you could (or should) do it in the world today? Stylist Magazine lays out the process.

The luxury market is a fascinating thing to watch, and recently it’s gotten a bit more out of control (which is saying something). The Wall Street Journal breaks it down.

A bit more affordable an alternative – this adorably customizable bag. Maybe it’s because we’re going to Paris this month and I’ve got travel on the brain, but I think this would be great for summer. I’ll take one with the fox and the martini logo, please.

I’ve been working towards a major blog redesign for a while now, it’s still not an immediate thing (largely due to the, ahem, financial realities of freelancing) but it’s definitely on the To Do list for 2014. For anyone out there who is considering a similar move, let me direct you to Bethany at Love Grows Design. Not only does she have a really gorgeous portfolio, but her blog is full of posts to help you think more constructively about the process, instead of wandering around in a dither. Lots of her posts have already helped me start formulating ideas. When I can afford it (and I’ve already started saving up) she’s definitely at the top of my list of people I hope to work with.

Friday Links (Freelancers Gonna Freelance Edition)

“All happiness depends on courage and work.”
― Honoré de Balzac

Big week! I’ve finished the majority of some major assignments. And I have a pretty big opportunity happening next week, provided of course that nothing falls through. More on that as confirmations roll in – we hope! Here are your links, kittens. I’m distracting you with shiny things while I hustle to wrap a few things up and fight a burgeoning sore throat with absolutely massive amounts of tea.

Fresh mint tea when I can get it!
Fresh mint tea when I can get it!

Interesting and thought provoking read about work values, privilege, and labor.

Trigger warning, because the blurb alone is pretty bad. Court. Ordered. Gang rape. Utterly, utterly horrifying and hideous. This is why we need feminism, sorry those who say it’s outdated.

Watch enough BBC period pieces (and trust me, I HAVE), and you’ll start feeling a sense of deja vu

Pretty good, but not quite as good as Richard III turning up in a car park on the very first day in the very first trench the archeologists dug. That one still takes the cake.

I give both this headline and the clothing items described therein a resounding, huzzah!

What’s that, well beloved minions? You say you still haven’t found a calendar for the new year? Feast your eyes, kittens!

This one’s not for the pearl clutchers, fair warning. Enthusiastic medievalist I may be, but frankly between the wars, famines, plagues, and “medicine,” in many ways it’s a marvel our species made it past the 15th century in the West. Add these sorts of logistical worries and it might be a miracle we made it past the 10th. Although we have the behavioral evidence of several kings of Britain alone, to say nothing of popes, to show that the medieval world seemed to have viewed this more as guidelines… (Sidenote. ‘Are you in church?!’)

Minions with kids, take note! Gap (whose Peter Rabbit collection for kids I found adorable) is now doing a Paddington Bear collection.

Need something cute for your home? Of course you do!

Flags and foods of the world! (h/t Jessica)

Just in case I cut myself on Hiddleston’s cheekbones.

An old neighbor of mine, who it must be said is a kinda well known name in the world of baking blogs and Pinterest, is getting her first book published soon, and it’s already available  in Kindle edition! High five, Ashton!

Friday Links XLII (Walking Wounded)

“Heat prickled my cheeks. My palms went clammy. Love is a lot like food poisoning.”
― Suzanne Supplee, Artichoke’s Heart

Yes, guy, I really do.

Where have I been, you ask, kittens?  Oh, just comatose with food poisoning for two days and run off my feet for the other three days at work trying to get everything done before I go tromping off to the woods next week.  Poor J. spent his birthday sick as a dog with a wife who couldn’t walk much less take him out to dinner.  Since I haven’t had so much as a lunch break since I got back on my feet, much less gone home on time, and we still have to pack before our 5am flight tomorrow: here are your links, none of them particularly worthwhile, because Aunty C.’s brain is fried.  Amuse yourselves and be quiet.  We’ll report from the homestead next week – if you’re good and we’re conscious.


This handy list brought to me by a friend who lives in Germany now, and which I (having once lived in Germany) find hysterical.

It was Veterans’ Day and Remembrance Sunday this past week, there are many generations of military service in my family and the price is often high.  Here’s an article about some of the realities and treatments of shell shock after WWI – because I think it’s important to see and know the effects of war.

Here’s some slightly more poetic tragedy.  Someday that brilliant city will have be visited only by scuba gear.

Zsa Zsa Gabor – equal parts insightful, and round the twist.

Google brings us a tour of the galaxy.

J. actually requested I pick up some Ding Dongs on the way home from work, because apparently his grief needs to be drowned in Hostess foods to commemorate their downfall.   Thoughts on the end of the brand?

Last week a childhood book, this week a tribute to a childhood movie!

And apparently, everyone in government is sexing everyone else these days (allowing both politicians and large chunks of the media to avoid talking about, you know, the governance of the country) and Stephen Colbert takes us through it in his usual style.

The weekly sheep.

Friday Links XXIX (Science, Sharks, and Sheep)

There aren’t enough days in the weekend.
~ Rod Schmidt

To the law school, take none alive!

Another week, another barbarian invasion.  After they’ve burned down the student center and looted the vending machines, normalcy should restore itself.  In any case, this weekend is going to be a calmer one without major projects (besides grocery shopping) and my brother’s birthday – Gio turns 20 and I feel old, coming to a theatre near you tomorrow.  Here are you links, ducklings, be sure to tell me what marvelous adventures you’re having so I can live vicariously through you.

A fabulous photo and essay blog by a beauty veteran.

I lectured you on European vs. American hot chocolate a while back and I’ve apparently drunk my own Kool-aid (to mix both metaphors and drinks, because it’s Friday) and want to try and make this the moment the weather changes.

Tumblr find of the week, let’s hear it for the girls.

I’ve been reading up about the universe lately, kittens, and quantum theories are my latest science nerd subject of study, but dying stars are pretty cool too, I guess.

The Olympics are over but the memories remain (and you don’t judge me that I got more excited over the Spice Girls than most of the events, do you?  No you don’t, kittens, it’s why I adore you!).

Speaking of the Olympics…yeah.  Looks about right.

Here’s an interesting article, could you go on a mirror fast?

Someday, after the zombie apocalypse (or global warming destroys us all, whichever comes first), when the alien archeologists come to study what remains of our civilization, they are going to think Shark Week was some sort of major religious festival, or something.  I don’t know a single person who isn’t obsessed with it.

I have been perusing this site for a while now, the galleries are just fantastic (I really like this one: not just dour faced pillars of morality!)

Ever noticed that some days waking up is harder than others?  The problem may be when you’re going to bed – apparently your body has very specific sleep cycles and if you wake up in the middle of one, your body will punish you the rest of the day.  But worry no more, here’s a way to figure out what times are best for you to wake up, depending on what times you fall asleep, and vice versa (minions should keep in mind that it takes an average of 14 minutes to doze off).  I’m really curious if this works, so try it and report back.

The weekly sheep.

Friday Links XXIII

“The wages of sin is death but so is the salary of virtue, and at least the evil get to go home early on Fridays.”
― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

We’re pathetic.

And tomorrow I’m off again, this time to Louisiana for Flyboy’s Wedding Part Deux.  I’m flying in and out in a matter of hours, so I think I officially qualify as a jetsetter.  J. will be playing basketball and hanging out with his mates – and probably still unpacking.  Sunday is our three year anniversary.  Weird, huh? Here are your links, kittens, and have a lovely weekend!

Jupiter Ammon!  Someone deserves to be shot through the lung for this

Make the call, lady minions: feminist revival, ridiculous nostalgia, or an act of desperation on the part of those for whom the gym isn’t working fast enough?

You guys, it’s my childhood being perverted again.

I cannot decide if one of these would either make my day or creep me out.  I suppose, as with most things, it would depend on the person it came from.

How to break habits.

Overshare alert:  there are days (sometimes several in a row) where putting on makeup just doesn’t happen.  Occasionally in the dark days of Seasonal Affective Disorder, washing my hair waits a day or two longer than in should (it’s why the good Lord created ponytails and dry shampoo).  There are days, kittens, where putting in effort seems just too dang hard.  Well, no more!  I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently and decided to have a midyear resolution to act (and dress) like a real live grown up – which to me really just means taking responsibility and putting in the effort.  And after resolving thus, this article appeared a couple of weeks ago, as if the Fashion Gods approved my decision.  How about you guys?  Do you ever randomly decide on self-improvement, or do you wait for the traditional times (New Year, Lent, etc.) to try and make life changes?  I’m pretty good at sticking with them, but I wonder if I tried implementing them at non-standard times wouldn’t be more effective?

I want to go to there.

Need some culture in your life?  Here’s Gandalf recreating his Royal Shakespeare Company role as King Lear for you.  Sidenote, J. and I regularly refer to actors by some of their more well known characters, are we alone in this?  J., waiting for me to catch up on Game of Thrones will demand, “Is Boromir dead yet?”  Or I’ll ask, “Did you hear?  Watson is going to be the new Bilbo in The Hobbit!”  Or we’ll both exclaim, “It’s Sir Richard Carlisle in Dr. Who!”  Another sidenote: we are hopeless, hopeless nerds…

Nope, first kid on the slideshow, we’re all judging you.

Check out these photo series!  My favorite is the African ladies with the haute couture logos.

Seriously, America?  Or at least certain parts of it?

Speaking of America, regardless of politics, I find this hysterical.  Ahem, exactly what sort of healthcare do you think our neighbors to the North have, you adorable hysterics?  See Caitlin Kelly for further reading.

The weekly sheep.  All together now: awwww!

Le Reception!

“When the bride is one with her lover, who cares about the wedding party?”
– Kabir

I left work at 12 on Thursday to head an hour north to Marie’s home to set up for the reception.  I didn’t get home until nearly midnight.  It was quite the event!

The single other bridesmaid I actually knew (who is an absolute darling!). And yes, she is a foot taller than me.

Sadly I’m afraid I didn’t really get on with the other bridesmaids and attendants.  Nothing malicious, you understand!  It’s just that not a lot can trump shared history and the other girls had heaps of it.  I did overhear one girl say that she had known Marie longer than me and should have been a bridesmaid instead, which sort of was a downer, but one I didn’t take too seriously as there was probably some truth to that.  They’d all grown up together in the same neighborhood, lived together for years at school, etc.  By comparison I was a babe in arms, as far as Marie’s friendship was concerned!  But then again, she asked me (hurrah!) and I was resolved to be the best damned bridesmaid the world has ever seen.


So, after a couple awkward failed attempts to join conversations about people I didn’t know, I contented myself with jumping up and down on lantern stakes to drive them into the turf, setting up tables, hanging garlands, whipping up massive gauzy decorations, organizing boys for heavy lifting, carting gifts about, and arranging flowers – all of which suited me perfectly.

There a few mishaps, the boys recruited by the groom (severely underestimating the amount of work that needed to be done) didn’t show up as early as we would have liked.  And that darling other bridesmaid up there?  Well, we sort of had to construct her dress from the pieces of two or three other dresses.  What you can’t tell in that picture is that it is fearfully and wonderfully made – the safety pins colored with sharpies, the cinching, the half dozen people draping fabric and wrapping ribbon – it was quite the project!  But it was a great joke because it turned out so well, no one but those involved were the wiser.

In fact, everything turned out gorgeously, we were thrilled.  And more importantly, so was the glowing bride!

*Hopefully I’ll be able to get more pictures of the day from Marie when she gets back from her honeymoon.  Congratulations, love!

Marie’s Shower

Is there anything better than drunken sailor bowling?”
– Shower Guest

As it was a tea party, her Majesty arrived arrived in grand style with the latest in fashionable hat-wear:

The guests were entertained with all manner of wit, games, and conversation (how’s this for a coincidence!  One of the guests was a girl who I knew at five years old and met in Germany.  She’s now living in the States and pregnant with her second child…small world, n’est pas?):

And the food was the height of luxury, each item accompanied with a quote specific to the food it graced.  My favorite: “Cheese is milk’s leap towards immortality.”

The Queen of Hearts…

“There is no use trying,” said Alice, “one cannot believe impossible things.”
“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.  “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”
– Lewis Carroll

Marie’s shower is tonight!  I’ve been up late two days baking and Hennessy wonderfully let me shop on her Costco card yesterday to procure sundry necessities.  Trying to figure out the menu and organize it within budget and time (that lived up to my grandiose schemes for my friend, she isn’t named after Marie Antoinette for nothing!) was difficult, and at one point I despaired and thought it impossible…

But then I found these, and I knew it was going to the social event of the season!

Queen of Hearts, indeed!

Tea. Party. (No, not that kind!)

“There is no Latin word for tea?  Upon my soul, if I had known that I would have let the vulgar stuff alone.”
– Hilaire Belloc

Remember when Marie got engaged the Great Bridesmaid Dress Affair that followed?  Well the dresses have been chosen and they are to die for (check them out here).  And then think of that metallic green monstrosity with the horrid bow on the bum that your sister/university roommate/friend/sister-in-law made you don and weep.  Having friends with excellent taste is a great comfort.

Now, with dates set, gown ordered, and food presumably taken care of, it falls on us, the bridesmaids, to throw the most fabulous fête ever conceived by man.  This is going to be so grand and event that it’s taking three of us, coordinating from three separate states to get it going.

And what else would it be, than a traditional English Tea Party, dragged into the 21st century?  I’m in charge of food and sundry other tasks (as I’m currently the only one in the same state as the bride).

And, as Marie reads this blog, the following information will be have to be somewhat censored.  The menu will include (nothing to see here) and (move along) and of course (nuh-uh).  The decorations will be done all in (bleep) and (sound effect from Deadliest Catch), isn’t that gorgeous?  The girls and I have come up with a fantastic (lalalalala!) so we can (ahem) and Marie can enjoy the (sshhnnkk!  Message for you, sir!).

Aren't we informative?

Doesn’t it sound fabulous?