Friday Links XXIII

“The wages of sin is death but so is the salary of virtue, and at least the evil get to go home early on Fridays.”
― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

We’re pathetic.

And tomorrow I’m off again, this time to Louisiana for Flyboy’s Wedding Part Deux.  I’m flying in and out in a matter of hours, so I think I officially qualify as a jetsetter.  J. will be playing basketball and hanging out with his mates – and probably still unpacking.  Sunday is our three year anniversary.  Weird, huh? Here are your links, kittens, and have a lovely weekend!

Jupiter Ammon!  Someone deserves to be shot through the lung for this

Make the call, lady minions: feminist revival, ridiculous nostalgia, or an act of desperation on the part of those for whom the gym isn’t working fast enough?

You guys, it’s my childhood being perverted again.

I cannot decide if one of these would either make my day or creep me out.  I suppose, as with most things, it would depend on the person it came from.

How to break habits.

Overshare alert:  there are days (sometimes several in a row) where putting on makeup just doesn’t happen.  Occasionally in the dark days of Seasonal Affective Disorder, washing my hair waits a day or two longer than in should (it’s why the good Lord created ponytails and dry shampoo).  There are days, kittens, where putting in effort seems just too dang hard.  Well, no more!  I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently and decided to have a midyear resolution to act (and dress) like a real live grown up – which to me really just means taking responsibility and putting in the effort.  And after resolving thus, this article appeared a couple of weeks ago, as if the Fashion Gods approved my decision.  How about you guys?  Do you ever randomly decide on self-improvement, or do you wait for the traditional times (New Year, Lent, etc.) to try and make life changes?  I’m pretty good at sticking with them, but I wonder if I tried implementing them at non-standard times wouldn’t be more effective?

I want to go to there.

Need some culture in your life?  Here’s Gandalf recreating his Royal Shakespeare Company role as King Lear for you.  Sidenote, J. and I regularly refer to actors by some of their more well known characters, are we alone in this?  J., waiting for me to catch up on Game of Thrones will demand, “Is Boromir dead yet?”  Or I’ll ask, “Did you hear?  Watson is going to be the new Bilbo in The Hobbit!”  Or we’ll both exclaim, “It’s Sir Richard Carlisle in Dr. Who!”  Another sidenote: we are hopeless, hopeless nerds…

Nope, first kid on the slideshow, we’re all judging you.

Check out these photo series!  My favorite is the African ladies with the haute couture logos.

Seriously, America?  Or at least certain parts of it?

Speaking of America, regardless of politics, I find this hysterical.  Ahem, exactly what sort of healthcare do you think our neighbors to the North have, you adorable hysterics?  See Caitlin Kelly for further reading.

The weekly sheep.  All together now: awwww!

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