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“It makes be utterly bonkers to remember how much everyone hated Mitt Romney.”
– Best Friend X. (editor’s note, I’m one of those who did not like him…and desperately want him and his ilk back)

Okay (cracks knuckles)!

So on Saturday the New York Times broke a story that the President’s son took a meeting he should not have. A series of explanations seem to have been floated until on Tuesday the President’s son simply tweeted the emails that led up to the meeting–apparently trying to preempt the reporter who apparently worked on the story for a year, after months of denial but whatever.

Said emails indicated, rather bluntly, that Don Jr. was invited to take a meeting to learn compromising information about Secretary Clinton or her campaign that was gathered by the Russian state, and was being offered because Mr. Trump was the preferred candidate of said state. Jr.’s best defense at the moment seems to be that the nature of the meeting had been misrepresented to him and the purpose turned out to be discussion issues around international adoption (code word for sanctions). In other words, he tried to collude with a foreign power, but didn’t manage to actually pull it off. TUESDAY. I’m writing this the day of to document the emotional journey I assuming I’ll go on this week, because at this moment, I’m not at all convinced anyone will bear any responsibility for any actions as a result of this. That’s just how 2017 seems to be rolling thus far.

By Friday and into late Saturday, it was revealed that yet more interesting people were at this meeting (some of whom now work in the administration and failed to disclose this meeting–among others–when being vetted), and that Republicans best response to this whole latest fiasco could best be described with a shrug emoji. After spending months denying meetings took place, they switched to denying collusion took place as there was no evidence of intent and now, faced with evidence of intent…crickets.

Ugh. Here are your links, some funny, some serious, but all designed to get you through this latest round of political BS.


Follow up: super not great.

Humans are fantastic.

Conflicted about this.

Not conflicted in the slightest about this! Woohoo!

Oh, bless. You’re in for a world of hurt.

Good on ya, Scotland!

Black Panther!

Supporting NPR doesn’t just mean contributing to your local station (though you should totally do that too).

Beam me up, Scotty.

Thank you, Queen! All the blessings!

Nantucket reds, forever.

Album of the week: Mura Masa, by Mura Masa

Weekend Links

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

Hi ducklings! It was the 4th of July for American minions this past week (NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence and got some…confused responses), and this weekend in PRIDE in London. We have a houseguest in situ, more coming next week, and Katarina and I are scheming for a visit in August. The sun is blazing, the river is high, and politics were only typically bad this week. Let’s celebrate some summer, shall we?

This profile of one of the One Direction boys (the one you probably don’t remember the name of) is poignant and kind of lovely.

Say it with me: “women’s fiction” is just…fiction.

Great. Just ******* great.

Bitch magazine rounded up a bunch of podcasts you should be listening to. I can personally recommend about half of ’em.


I will be donating to this cause.

Well this was…devastating.

It’s rare that an agony aunt letter affects me, but this is one of those occasions.

#distractinglysexy is trending and it’s great.

Album of the week: Something to Tell You, by Haim 

Five Things I Loved In June

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Another month down, another batch of things to love! Here are some of the things that made me happy this past June, tell me what brought you some joy in the comments.

Wood Sage and Sea Salt, by Jo Malone. Jeff bought me a long coveted bottle of this scent for my birthday and I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since. With notes of citrus, wood, herbs, and salt, it’s the furthest thing in the world from a sweet floral. Perfect.


American Gods, on Starz/Amazon. This series is weird, uncomfortable, fascinating, and beautifully designed. The concept is theoretically simple: gods are real and engendered by human belief. As subsequent waves of people have come to the Americas, they have brought their gods with them, but as times have changed and different belief systems waxed and waned, the influence of these gods has also shifted dramatically. So what happens when different groups of people have brought different interpretations of the same gods with them, or when new “gods” come along to claim human time and attention? What good is being immortal when you have nothing to do? What if other gods existence come at the expense of yours? A mixed conversation on religion, immigration, faith, death, and flawed people, I’ve been lapping this show up with a spoon.


All the Single Ladies, by Rebecca Traister. This book (which I took in audio form) explores the history of unmarried women in American life, starting in the colonial period and taking things straight up into the 21st century. Through research and public history, Traister synthesizes (and rarely judges) how religious, secular, and cultural mores have always found ways to include, exclude, ignore, encompass, puzzle over, cow, fear, and generally fret about un-partnered women. Meanwhile, single women have always been a major force in American life, though their contributions haven’t always been sung from the rooftops,

Ellis Faas lip gloss. The idea behind this line is that the best and purest red lip is the color of…human blood. Weird, yes, but the pigmentation? Ace.


Vintage shopping in Paris. I keep promising a post on it and I will get this up soon (though first I need to repair damages from the Photobucket debacle) but in the meantime, let me just say that discovering a half dozen new vintage shops and coming home with some genuine treasure was a highlight of the trip. And provided some much needed beauty therapy!

Ugh. Stand By.

PSA post for all and sundry. Photobucket, my previous 3rd party image hosting platform has (very suddenly and without any warning to me) apparently decided to pull this service and charge several hundred dollars to reinstate and use it moving forward. I’m not going to be doing this, and will have to find another place to store my photos.

Unfortunately I have several years worth of blog content and images connected to this platform and switching it all over to a new host and correcting now broken links is going to take me a lot of time. And an awful lot of swearing.

In the meantime, if things look a little wonky around here for the foreseeable future, that’s what’s up.

Weekend Links

“In our gardens the fruits are fast reaching perfection; all esculent plants are in full use; the rich juicy black currant is ripe, and the gooseberries are full almost to bursting. Ripe strawberries nestle under every leaf…. Now is the season for bathing, whether in river or ocean. How delicious is a plunge in this thirsty weather!”
 – Eliza Cook’s Journal, 1850 July 6th

Kittens, we’ve made it halfway through 2017, rejoice! We’re having a fairly sedate time at home this weekend getting the house in order and possibly hitting up a few markets if we work up the energy to leave the flat after deep cleaning it. Only time will tell. American minions, enjoy the long weekend and UK minions, let’s hold hands and remember that August Bank Holiday is just around the corner!


The American President managed to derail press coverage on one of his signature pieces of legislative action by being a creepy old misogynist. Again. And of course no one is doing anything about it.

I for one, am super over his obsession with women and our hemoglobin.

These ladies, however, are speaking up.

Geez, guys, sliding into Atwood’s world of speculative fiction wouldn’t even be hard…how’s that for the icy hand of terror?

I expect every child of PBS and every Trekkie to do their god damned duty and subscribe!

If you need a dose of goodness and self-love, let me direct you to this video of Lizzo in concert. A couple of months old, still perfect.

This dog brings me joy.

Tom and Lorenzo did a pineapple edit for summer, and we must all thank them.

I’ve been promising myself new glasses for months. Help me choose!

Album of the Week: TLC (Deluxe), by TLC

Weekend Links

“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”
― Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays

Genuine question for my friends of a certain age (aka, at least older than me): has summer always been a season of carnage and I’m just waking up to this at 31 years old? From terrorist attacks and hate crimes to (another) uptick in the senseless killings of people of color in the US, every summer of recent memory for me seems…charged in some way. And the past few weeks are starting to feel like the beginning to yet another season of it.

More positively, I’m glad to say that this weekend is somewhat lowkey. I’m catching up with friends, brunching with my husband, doing a spot of shopping for the both of our work wardrobes, and exercising. We’re on a health kick and, while I’m hating every minute of it, it’s already been pretty good for us. Damn it.

Here are your links, tell me your weekend plans in the comments!

Another attack in London, this time the terrorism directed at the Muslim community. Violence begets violence and the argument of “they started it” is both a two year old’s excuse and woefully inadequate in the face of thousands of years of history. But faith leaders like this? They truly are doing the lord’s work, whatever the lord you believe in looks or sounds like.

Of course, after typing the above, there was another attack in Paris.

I’d love for my hair to cooperate enough to try any of these. But my follicles are laughing at the mere suggestion.

Let’s face, when the world ends, you’re going to need to have had your “look” thought out.

Nothing is new and this fashion conspiracy theory has merit as far as I’m concerned.

The least surprising thing in this story for me is the idea that Steven Bannon fat-shames Sean Spicer. Meanwhile, prospective laws are being crafted behind closed doors and the White House is refusing to allow the press to ask questions in public. Seems super legit.

This semi-famously gay Mormon dude gets it.

Speaking of, it’s actually rare that Mormon news crosses into the mainstream but Elna Baker perfectly expresses my feelings to this Facebook kerfuffle.

One month to go.

An exhibition I will definitely be hitting up at some point this summer.

I am a disappointment to myself. 17%. I’m amending this by the end of summer.

There is not a single kerfuffle of any sort he’s currently going through that doesn’t not lead back to his big mouth saying idiot things for stupid reasons. Time and time again, he bluffs, he’s called, and he doesn’t have a hand. I understand populist rage and resentment, I understand the appeal of outsiders, I understand the appeal of trolling. I do NOT understand how this man convinced millions of people he was their champion, much less a strategic, thoughtful, or rational human being. A month of scrambling, lying, and frantic attempts to shift the media conversation away from a twitter threat he shouldn’t have made based on leverage it turned out he didn’t have, to try and silence a man he shouldn’t have fired because he was grumpy that he looked bad in the press. The wound is ALL self-inflicted.

You get what you vote for, people. Also, this anonymous farmer sounds like an ass.

Album of the week: Evolve, by Imagine Dragons