Friday Links XLII (Walking Wounded)

“Heat prickled my cheeks. My palms went clammy. Love is a lot like food poisoning.”
― Suzanne Supplee, Artichoke’s Heart

Yes, guy, I really do.

Where have I been, you ask, kittens?  Oh, just comatose with food poisoning for two days and run off my feet for the other three days at work trying to get everything done before I go tromping off to the woods next week.  Poor J. spent his birthday sick as a dog with a wife who couldn’t walk much less take him out to dinner.  Since I haven’t had so much as a lunch break since I got back on my feet, much less gone home on time, and we still have to pack before our 5am flight tomorrow: here are your links, none of them particularly worthwhile, because Aunty C.’s brain is fried.  Amuse yourselves and be quiet.  We’ll report from the homestead next week – if you’re good and we’re conscious.


This handy list brought to me by a friend who lives in Germany now, and which I (having once lived in Germany) find hysterical.

It was Veterans’ Day and Remembrance Sunday this past week, there are many generations of military service in my family and the price is often high.  Here’s an article about some of the realities and treatments of shell shock after WWI – because I think it’s important to see and know the effects of war.

Here’s some slightly more poetic tragedy.  Someday that brilliant city will have be visited only by scuba gear.

Zsa Zsa Gabor – equal parts insightful, and round the twist.

Google brings us a tour of the galaxy.

J. actually requested I pick up some Ding Dongs on the way home from work, because apparently his grief needs to be drowned in Hostess foods to commemorate their downfall.   Thoughts on the end of the brand?

Last week a childhood book, this week a tribute to a childhood movie!

And apparently, everyone in government is sexing everyone else these days (allowing both politicians and large chunks of the media to avoid talking about, you know, the governance of the country) and Stephen Colbert takes us through it in his usual style.

The weekly sheep.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links XLII (Walking Wounded)”

  1. Just don’t eat the Hostess Ding Dongs…if you keep them unopened and in mint condition…you just might have a valuable antique someday….true story! Also the preservatives in those things might give you another go-round with the food poisoning.

    Glad you’re feeling better though. 🙂

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