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Weekend Links

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda

We made it to another weekend, kittens, and here in London at least it feels like spring really has arrived. It’s warming up, the daffodils are out in full force, and I think we are officially out of excuses for not being able to make it to the gym during daylight hours. Crud.

Here are your links, mostly politics free this week, to keep this springtime good mood going. Share your favorite stories from the week in the comments!

 photo dowager_zpslv0v3qis.gif

In case you missed the thread or story in question, this piece is worth a read.

This year’s NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest winners are a revelation and a delight!

Lipstick, oppression, empowerment, and the inner female life. Sign me up for whatever it takes to get this film released.

I have…questions

The CBO score on the healthcare reform, put forward by some Republicans and supported (at least initially) by the administration, came out this week. The estimates are 14 million losing insurance by 2018, 24 million by 2026. Read up and inform yourselves. In other political news, the courts temporarily blocked Travel Ban 2.0, a new budget proposal was put forward that amps military spending and cuts things like poverty support, big chunks of funding to whole agencies, and arts endowments (always a sign of great things to come ), and the president’s own party are refusing to back his thus-far-baseless claims of wiretapping. #winning?

I loved this supportive letter from Albert Einstein to Marie Curie.

Dear Saudi Arabia, you messed up

And speaking of messing up, our own military (near and dear to my brat heart) isn’t exactly covering itself in glory on women’s issues lately.

A holy holiday, indeed!

So, minions, if we all pool our money

A fascinating profile on Kellyanne Conway. Love her or loathe her, but this article makes a compelling case that she is, for all functional purposes, almost the acting First Lady in terms of profile, administrative involvement, and propinquity.

Miss Ru got married?! Mazel Tov!

A victory in our time.

Album of the week: Sarah Vaughn, At Mister Kelly‘s

Weekend Links

“There was nothing like a Saturday – unless it was the Saturday leading up to the last week of school and into summer vacation. That of course was all the Saturdays of your life rolled into one big shiny ball.”
― Nora Roberts, Rising Tides

Hi kittens, we’ve made it to another weekend and instead of a rant, how about I just let you get straight to the goodness? There’s a lot of news and fun links this week, but as always, please share your favorite stories, memes, and links from the week in the comments!

 photo 2017-03-05 14.25.08_zpsuyedngbc.jpg

Let’s start off with something cute and purely delightful, shall we?

An ode to the fake fur coat.

So much for seeing the courts…in court. Travel Ban 2.0 was rolled out this week with, it must be said, what looks like some actual thought put into the process and application this time. It’s still garbage. If the ostensible goal is to protect Americans from “radical Islamic terrorists,” the administration has still failed utterly to prove that citizens and refugees from these countries posed a heightened significant entry in the first place. The terrorists or their sympathizers who have carried out violent actions in recent years seem to be made in America, as little as we apparently like to acknowledge that fact. Iraq, the birthplace of ISIS is off the restricted list seeing as they are, ya know, our ally. Meanwhile refugees are going to have to go through a more stringent process than ever before, even though those most needing assistance are the least likely to be able to pass background checks seeing as how (to take Syria as an example) their entire nation state and all its attendant bureaucracies, paperwork, legal histories, and documented evidence have been bombed to oblivion. Meanwhile, I believe there is plenty of evidence of animus towards muslims in statements from the president and his supporters to warrant challenges.

No amount of deleting can un-tweet your tweets, Mr. Stone.

This sounds like a fascinating project and I wish I could see it.

My own representative, Congressman Chaffetz, continues to be the living embodiment of the word “craven,” and his latest gaffe was a right doozy. Let’s set aside this annoying and frankly damaging trope that (presumably) poor people are just irresponsible with money/services and therefore it’s a bad idea to provide them…his math is a joke. Does he live in a world where poor people, to say nothing of working and middle class citizens, buy phones every month? Nay, more than that! According to the National Conference of State Legislatures last year, the annual premium costs for an average family were $18,000. Meaning that you’d have to buy a new iPhone once a month for three years in a row for an equivalence. Meanwhile, I’d like everybody who has ever had a single prescription or procedure cost more than $500 to put their hands up.

Samurai Jack is coming back!

Should the president’s statements/accusations/word vomit that the former president tapped his phones be taken at face value? According to the Press Secretary, and I quote, “Yes it should. Of course it should. No.

This whole story is such a load of sexist garbage. And it’s disheartening.

Also, give this reporter a gold star for questioning why the president is calling for an investigation…if he already is in possession of conclusive evidence that this tapping happened? As I see it, either President Trump lobbed in a completely fabricated conspiracy theory (which in itself should be a scandal as it questions not just where he’s getting his information, but whether he can tell fact from fiction), or he revealed that he/his organization have been the subject of investigations (which is likely also going to be a scandal depending on what he/they were being investigated for). Either way, self inflicted wound.

Got my dose of beauty therapy from sighing lustfully over these statement earrings.

A great new piece of art landed on Wall Street just in time for IWD.

Album of the week: Everything is Forgotten, by Methyl Ethel 

Weekend Links

“But Sasha was from Russia, where the sunsets are longer, the dawns less sudden and sentences are often left unfinished from doubt as how to best end them.”
― Virginia Woolf, Orlando

One day after the president was praised to the skies for simply not acting like a narcissist or an uninformed jerk in public, we were right back to the crazy the next day with reports that the FBI is investigating the fact that the new Attorney General (and possibly more campaign officials and connections) also met with Russian officials in presumably shady circumstances. Business as usual in the brave new world.

Investigations need to happen, like yesterday. And my personal theory is that any investigation will quickly turn financial in nature, given the nature of the property and development businesses with which Mr. Trump has been involved all his professional life, and how it intimately it is tied to wealth movement and management of UHNWIs. Including Russian oligarchs. Things to, hypothetically, look forward to…

But in the meantime, I have a a bushel full of links for you, only a couple of which are political. Let’s call it a palate cleanser.

 photo carelessness_zpsvuimslds.jpg

This investigative piece in The New Yorker is required reading to understand the background and complexity surrounding questions of Russian influence in the election, and the political stage in the United States as it stands right now. This short segment on PBS Newshour is also a good summary.

10 out of 10 C.s would watch a Chaucer opera.

The Milo Yiannopolous story, in case you missed it.

Also in case you missed it, icon and all around lady boss Roxanne Gay pulled her book from Simon & Schuster when they initially planned to go ahead with Mr. Yiannopolous’ book. Now that S&S has dropped him, there was some discussion as to whether Ms. Gay would go back to the publisher. In characteristic style, she answered.

Was there ever a more SDS appropriate topic that this?! I say to you, nay!

Likewise, a quick scroll through my Instagram feed will confirm I’m a sucker for a shop cat or dog.

Beauty junkies, hearken! Sephora has announced a new annual subscription service to expedite shipping on orders, no matter how big or small. Were I stateside, I’d be on this like white on rice.

In more beauty news, the perpetual teases at Glossier teased the release of their next makeup product, which looks to be cream/water based blush. I forsee me begging my girls in the States to send me a bundle of products here shortly.

Michelle Lee, the EIC of Allure magazine accidently created a viral tweet that, I think, accurately represents most people’s online life these days.

THIS. A thousand times this. Mr. Trump is not a great manager, he has played a great manager for years and people have bought it.


Save the hedgehog. We need good things in the world, people!

Two years ago RadioLab ran a fascinating story on then-breaking research technology to edit genes. They recently published a follow up to this story that explores the leaps and bounds that have come in just two years of development and the potential (good and terrifying) for this kind of technology. Well worth a listen!

Gotta say, the “future liberals want” meme has been cracking me right up this week. I think it’s the best example of self-own I’ve seen in a long time. Have a scroll through your social media feed of choice and enjoy this one.

Album of the week: The Chirping Crickets, by the Crickets

Weekend Links

“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.” 
– Rod Schmidt

Kittens, we made it to another weekend! This one is badly needed for me, as I’ve now been sick with a persistent cold for two straight weeks, the hard drive on my computer died and needed to be replaced, and our house requires a deep cleaning.

 photo dflct_zps6rwzpwef.gif
How I think I look whilst troubleshooting. The reality is somewhat less…glamorous. And effective.

In political news things are a bit less bombastic this week (meaning, I surmise, that someone has managed to hide the President’s phone during his preferred Twitter times), but plenty of weird or bad things still happened. For instance, they administration is now claiming that Mr. Bannon’s elevation on the National Security Council was the result of a faulty “copy and paste” job, the president conflated (dangerously, in my opinion) military and law enforcement work when it comes to rounding up and deporting immigrants, and transgender safety has been drastically walked back. Just because they aren’t picking silly fights with allies and being ridiculous in public doesn’t mean that policy changes aren’t happening. If you like these policy changes, fine, let’s have a respectful and vigorous debates in the comments as to why! If you don’t like this policy changes, keep up the pressure on elected leaders to make your voices heard.

[ETA after the above was written: annnnnnnnd then the White House banned selective news organizations from a press gaggle, apparently in retaliation for not being flattering enough. These happy, carefree days, aka three months ago, are now over and I’m back to being low level scared.]

However it’s not all doom and gloom this week! As usual there is a heaping pile of links for you to peruse, spring is slowly creeping closer, and this weekend sees the return of that great and glorious SDS annual tradition: the Oscars style review!

This piece on Medium got shared around quite a bit this week, comparing and contextualizing President Trump’s rise to internet culture.

Meanwhile, this article from MTV was a good reminder that those of us whose candidates lost the election might have to get used to losing even more in the short term. But we’re obliged to keep up the protests and civic engagement regardless. Despair, or worse apathy, are not options.

There was more than a little nonsense from CPAC this week, including this bit of you-can’t-make-this-shit-up news.

In a piece of good news from this week, I was heartened to read of the selection of Lt. General McMaster as the new National Security Adviser.

The perfect dog.

London Fashion Week wrapped and the street style images are as eccentric, colorful and stylish as you could wish for. Some years fashion weeks feel powerful and proactive, showing looks and styles that portray women (primarily) deliberately in command of their image, other years it shows a more reactive and vulnerable side that is more reactive to social or political climates. Neither is wrong and both are art. But in a season that could have easily gone the latter route given current realities, I’m thrilled to have seen more of the former.

Meanwhile, Maddie from Whiskey Tango Flat White has some thoughts on the political t-shirts shown at FW, particularly by Dior.

This beautiful but melancholy piece in Town and Country about the private art collection of a family destroyed in the Holocaust was a great read.

Read up!

This is a thing?

One writer debates the pitfalls of a President Trump soaked media landscape, what news is not getting the attention it needs as a result, and why the media ecosystem might need to work harder to pay less attention to him.

...This is not how vaginas work, dude!

These short videos by Vogue have been tiny pockets of visual delight.

In writing this post, the do-over attempt at immigration bans is underway and there’s plenty to be upset about in this version as well. Not least of all the fact that the administration seems to think that they can foist “unwanted” people on a government to which they do not belong.

This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

A hard to read piece about one good thing that might come out of the whole Milo Yiannopoulos media situation: a better and more blunt discussion about sexual abuse against young and teenage boys, particularly if they are gay.

A hideous action, and one that I am afraid will become more common, not less.

Album of the week: Drunk, by Thundercat

Weekend Links

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
― Oscar Wilde

Woof. I compile these posts throughout the week, updating it to make sure that news links are as current as they can be, and that notes of levity and enjoyment are liberally scattered throughout. I know things have gotten a bit heavy around here lately and I had every intention of a links post thick with Fashion Week highlights and apolitical links to lighten things up. I’ve got those too, but it’s also been a big week for news, which led me towards doing separate post on the big story.

Thus far I still haven’t put words together to speak intelligently about the presidential press conference–apt, since neither did the president in many ways. To date, he’s sowed the seeds to blame one branch of government if something terrible should happen (if committed by a Muslim of course, white people shooting up mosques seems to be fine), a second branch of government seems to be in some kind of grim Faustian pact to go along with him as long as he signs their legislation, and he’s on a tear of a campaign to delegitmize the fourth estate who scrutinizes his actions. So things are going great, guys!

To make up for the emotional roller coaster that is Western democracy at the moment, here is an extra large dose of links for you, kittens. Never say I don’t do anything for you!

 photo tapper_zpsb3arsfbr.jpg

This piece by Andrew Sullivan for New York Magazine is important reading and discusses the unfortunate fact that we have a president who seems to throw out countless lies and mistruths weekly–usually in the face of empirical evidence–and thus far does not seem to have retracted or apologized for any of them. He is not being held accountable in any way. He also gave an interview to CNN that’s worth viewing. When, “No error is ever admitted. Any lie is usually doubled down by another lie — along with an ad hominem attack,” what is at stake for government and the citizenry? His position, somewhat daringly, is that the president is outright mentally unstable, which is the source of a decent amount of debate-including whether or not it’s even appropriate for people to speculate on the matter. This letter, for instance is a nice and effective rebuke. To the comments, kittens, and lend me your thoughts.

After all the hullabaloo about privacy and securing information on Secretary Clinton’s part, this is just ridiculous.

Well, now we’re totally safe… To be clear, there are plenty of images of past “football” carriers. But none that I’m aware of that have posed for pictures.

This is a pretty good breakdown of the legal quagmire that is the executive order on immigration as it stands at time of writing. (Things may change. As should be abundantly obvious by now.)

For heaven’s sake, we must avoid hurting his feelings!

This twitter feed is hilarious and heartbreaking. It envisions an alternate reality where Secretary Clinton won, the news is not wholly ridiculous, and First Gentleman Bill is sent on a lot of errands.

History and the rise (and fall?) of facts.

This woman makes my Money Month project look like amateur night at the roadhouse.

I loved this piece at The Everygirl about Beyonce and Adele at the Grammy’s last weekend, which speaks bluntly about black artists losing to white ones consistently and how what could have been a twitter war between the stans was prevented by the genuine positivity of women loving and supporting other women.

NPR has a deeper read into race and the Grammys that’s well worth a look in.

It took less than a month for a scandal to bring down a major player in the administration which, while in line with my predictions, does not bode well. All I will say is that given the layers to the Gen. Flynn story (most notably the fact that now-former Acting Attorney General Yates apparently alerted the White House to the potential threats and was fired only days later due to her stance on the immigration ban, and the fact that timelines being put forward by various staff simply isn’t matching at time of writing), I expect the press, government officials, and voting public to give at least as much scrutiny and attention to claims of foreign interference in our government as they did to Secretary Clinton’s emails.

Pantsuits on women was a major trend this NYFW. Cannot imagine why.

After all the shouting and bluster about security privacy and Secretary Clinton’s emails, to see national security policy play out as dinner theatre is completely beyond the pale.

How are our feelings about death, lately?

This is a thing?! My theory of dating (granted I’ve been out of the game for a decade) was that s/he who asks, pays. Full stop. Have the rules changed that much?

A piece from the New York Times about the rise and fall of celebrities at fashion week shows.

This interview with Kelly Cutrone on the state of the fashion industry is also a great read.

Gorgeous photos of a movement that I, for one, need to know more about.

NOPE. Also, if I’m a “host,” does that make any potential fetus a parasite? Careful what words you choose, people.

Into the Gloss tracked some of the best beauty looks from NYFW. I didn’t know I needed neon eye shadow, but suddenly I do. Intensely.

One of my “ones that got away” in terms of vintage or second hand buys is a leopard print coat that I to this day deeply regret not snatching up. Jenna Lyons is not helping my nostalgia.

All things considered this week, this news seems super not great.

The story of the assassination of North Korean dictator’s Kim Jong-un’s half brother gets more bizarre every day.

This post by the great and good Caroline Hirons is a nice catch up to some of the latest beauty launches, but her final paragraphs on blogging and having an opinion really caught my eye.

Here’s a nice, completely apolitical tale of humans being nice.

Album of the week: Life Will See You Now, by Jens Lekman

Weekend Links: Checks and Balances Editions

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

I quite literally cannot keep up with the sheer amount of news and bullshit this week. Believe it or not, I’m not rooting for President Trump to fail. I understand and accept that he won the election, I don’t dispute it and I don’t dismiss the millions of my countrymen who supported him. But policy and position are only part of the job, and the rest of it is procedure. Petulant chaos not only doesn’t impress me, and I can hand on heart say that from the vantage point of someone not living there, it’s also not improving America’s prestige or safety.

So with that ringing endorsement for the week’s news…here are your links, delivered with equal amounts of love and lady-rage from your friendly neighborhood C.!

This profile on a woman who creates customs suits for athletes was a nice and completely apolitical read.

The author of one of my favorite twitter feeds wrote an in-character opinion piece complaining about comparisons of his royal self to President Trump. The result is quite wonderful!

FFS, this is not a legal punishment!

#DressLikeAWoman was that rare thing, a hastag delight this week.

Melissa McCarthy, ladies and gentlemen!

A moment of win in the fight against sex trafficking.

A moment of NOT win in the fight for women and girls to have legal rights over their bodies.

This article from the New York Times describing the first couple of weeks of the new administration is well worth a read, and I found the description of President Trump as a man of flexible ideology but fixed habits a fascinating observation, particularly (as the article explores) in light of what that means for a guy living in a new town, with a new job, and his first shot at public service.

A sobering opinion on why propaganda in the 21st century is different, and why it’s frightening. But also what its potential downfall might be.

I’m usually pretty strict on not allowing undue criticism of the First Lady or First Family to slide, but this lawsuit is infuriating. Newsflash, you’re not supposed to be enriching yourself off your elected position…that’s kind of the point.

Meanwhile, I’m totally sure that this use of his platform, in response to multiple companies dropping Ms. Trump’s fashion and accessories lines, is presidentially appropriate.

Heartening updates in the realm of local media and combating fake news.

Disheartening news from Russia, that law they were debating has passed. WT actual F.

Relatedly, this piece candidly examining the media as co-equal unreliable narrator and what it might mean long term for its role in being one of our nation’s best checks to power is a thought provoking and important post. If both sides are seen as lacking credibility, who comes out on top? Historically, the guy in power.

Acts of racist vandalism have been reported several times in the news this week, but this story is a casual reminder that humans really are magnificent in small ways that matter.

Writing prompt of the week, from this incredible cartoon: America is the ultimate Girl Gang. Discuss.
 photo GirlGang_zps7awx0uon.jpg

And finally, I repeat my earlier prompt. Because I would be happy to go to my grave with my tombstone reading, “She persisted.”

 photo 16649314_10154686612871130_1388662755015255726_n_zps9evz3xub.png

It’s been a minute since we had some fun archaeological news, so let’s remedy that.

And finally, there are great people in the world.

Album of the week: Into, by Sonder

Weekend Links

“Your silence will not protect you.”
– Audre Lorde

So. To recap this week. The Johnson Amendment might be on the chopping block next, we’ve hung up the phone on Australia because the president was tired and grumpy and apparently no one put him down for a nap before he talked to the head of another nation, the Mexico situation is ongoing, we’re firing lawyers who disagree with presidential orders (that haven’t been legally vetted in the first instance), we’re purposefully choosing not to mention Jews in the official statement on Holocaust Remembrance day (to which, how?), and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is less necessary at regular meetings of our security council than the president’s special adviser.

Meanwhile violence in the Ukraine is heating up (something I don’t think there’s been enough reporting on in the US, especially given that the Treasury has now has eased a sanction against trading with the FSB, also known as the descendant organization to the KGB), tensions with Iran are ticking up, the administration apparently decided on a military action in Yemen over dinner with dreadful results, the president used a prayer breakfast to needle a celebrity about TV ratings, a spokeswoman seems to have invented a massacre out of whole cloth to defend the administration’s immigration ban, and the president AND his press secretary don’t seem to be entirely sure who Frederick Douglas is or that he’s been dead for a minute.

 photo What_zpsssbpv8uv.jpg

We are so far past ridiculous now that I’m not even sure what term needs to be used.

Here are you links, kittens, and share anything worth signal boosting, political or petty, in the comments!

Angry people in large groups putting money where their mouths are. Excellent.

Something to look forward to!

Something else to look forward to!

If you had never read this before, now would be the time.

David Brooks is a conservative commentator that I don’t always agree with, but almost always enjoy reading. His op ed on the fact that this is “not a Republican administration” and conservatives should fear the Faustian bargain they have made, though I am cheering from the rooftops.

Speaking of, I’ve been making it a point to read and share conservative POVs this week, as part of sense checking myself and avoid my personal instinct (panic. All the time. No breaks). This piece, from The National Review is a more measured read as to why Mr. Bannon’s style may have served the president well campaigning, but poorly in governing.

Goodness. Well, let us all hope and pray for the arrival of Mr. Trumps fourth wife, in that case…

Fellow expat and adopted Londoner Amanda has some great thoughts and info on getting and staying involved.

A brief reminder of who is actually killing and terrorizing US citizens within our own borders of late.

Dear Utah, you done good on this one, peeps.

A nice moment of teacher appreciation here.

Bless Beyonce.

This piece from The Guardian was an interesting read and argues (as an earlier writer did) that we’ve all been worried about an Orwellian future, when we should have been worried about a Huxley-ian one.

If you’re looking for some pretty right now, this artist has appeared a ton of places and her work is a fab take on pop art. I’m thinking of buying a couple pieces eventually!

Album of the week: Lines, by Charlie Cunningham