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Weekend Links

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.” 
― Edward R. Murrow

Happy weekend, ducklings! It’s a gray weekend and I had to bring some work home with me, so the intro is short but the links list is extra long this week to make up for it. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend in the comments.

Let’s check in on the news, shall we?

There is an old an abiding stigma against female anger and a pressure to swallow it down and stay silent. In the current cultural moment, for whatever reasons you want to attribute to, it feels like women are getting angry again, in a way that I haven’t yet seen in my own lifetime but I imagine many of you might remember from past decades. We’re angry. Out loud. In public. And it is glorious. 

“Like every other feminist with a public platform, I am perpetually cast as a disapproving scold. But what’s the alternative? To approve? I do not approve.”

The Paradise Papers story summarized thus far. I’ve seen the world of the ultra-wealthy from my work in property, but where that money ends up and how it moves is still endlessly fascinating to me.

Have you been following the news out of Saudi Arabia? It’s complicated. The Atlantic had a later piece that analyzes what might be happening and what the risks are for a regime ostensibly trying to modernize through might.


There was another mass shooting this week and to all those sending “thoughts and prayers,” these victims were In. A. Church. Save the platitudes, send sensible and consistent policies. Because the president calling this shooting the product of mental unwellness, months after signing a bill that lifts restrictions on those with dangerous mental health backgrounds from buying guys while simultaneous trying rolling back health coverage for mental conditions seems the height of hideousness.

For the record this has been by far the most deadly and violent months in years.

I am beyond excited for the Black Panther movie. It’s going to look gorgeous.

This was a strange and disturbing read about how algorithms and content creation are intermeshing in weird ways.

Public broadcasting is doing the important work.

A number of allegations came out against Roy Moore this week. Some people then came to his defense. This is by far the worst version of that. Any justification of sexual conduct between an adult and a child is hideous and I am disgusted to see how many people are doing mental gymnastics to justify their political preferences. If you would rather vote for an alleged child abuser over a person of a different political party (as if there isn’t a VAST spectrum of options between the two), you never get to call yourself a “values voter” again.

Speaking of, here is an interesting take on religion and politics from a talk given at my alma mater that I think religious people and secularists alike should read.

Editor’s note: I would be remiss not to say that a single accusation brought down Kevin Spacey but there are at least four accounts in this case. Spare me the hand wringing and take women at their word.

The Baroness was always kind of a badass to me. This make me spit-take with laughter.

We had a fascinating discussion in the Small Dog house this week where my (feminist, ally and decently woke husband) demanded of me, “Men randomly masturbating or whipping their dick out in front of women–is this a thing?!” And I had the dubious honor of counting the number of incidents I can remember.

Abuse and sexual coercion is NOT NEW.

Album of the week: Weightless EP, by Adam French

Weekend Links – Remember, Remember

“November–with uncanny witchery in its changed trees.”
– L.M. Montgomery 

Howdy pumpkins, it’s November! This whole year truly has gone by in a blur, before you know it Christmas will be here. Yikes!

This weekend I’ve had to bring a few pieces of work home with me, but a rainy Saturday morning is making want to stay indoors for now anyway so I don’t resent it too much. It’s been a busy few months with this contract of mine but very rewarding ones.

It began this week.

Well, Kevin Spacey finally decided to come out…in response to allegations of sexual assault of a then-minor. Tom and Lorenzo were not having this, and I’m firmly on team TLo for this one.

Some of my favorite puppets sum up what’s going on in the world of YouTube and how that may affect creators.

The great and good Christine of Temptalia–the venerated beauty review site that’s more than extensive enough for its writer to qualify as a beauty editor in my eyes–has written a comprehensive post on how to reduce your beauty consumption with a “no buy” or “low buy” challenge. Inspiration for the intelligent beauty consumer, particularly as we move into the season of holiday releases and bombardment style marketing.

I’m not convinced we need a reboot, but I’m living for the casting anyway.

Mackenzie Horan and founder of the challenge has launched her third 101/1001 list! I’m a bit behind on my own goals, so this is a perfectly timed kick to get me back on track.

The kids aren’t just alright, they are goddamn awesome.

It was Halloween this week, so this article on the popularity of death masks seems apropos.

So…the void. Kind creepy.

The Pyramids hold yet more secrets, I’m delighted to say!

An exiting Twitter employee decided to deactivate the President’s twitter account and we had 11 minutes of questions as a result. I’m not giving this story too much attention. I find it a source of near-constant anxiety that in any normal presidency, if a tape of a conversation was leaked about a president sicking the FYI or DOJ on their enemies it would be a constitutional-crisis provoking scandal. Somehow this man is allowed to tweet it publicly and this is somehow fine.

This guy can exit, pursued by a bear.

Unless of course, this guy’s whack-ass theory proves true and saves us from the previously linked monster. (Spoiler, it won’t.)

These ladies, though, restore my faith in humanity.

US Kittens, there was a minor media scandal here in the UK this week!

I for one would like to salute Mashable for the heavy hitting journalism and dedication showed in putting together this very important post. #femalegaze

This oral history of the Brandi and Whitney Houston’s Cinderella is wonderful. And the story of Whoopi Goldberg refusing to wear fake jewelry is a life lesson for all of us.

A (hopeful) gender and sexuality story from the Weimar Republic. It’s nice to remember that history is a pendulum and swings towards good as well as bad.

ETA! Album of week: Stillness in Wonderland, by Little Simz

Weekend Links

“You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe ‘Daylight Saving Time.'” 
— Dave Barry

Another week flown past, another batch of links to read! This week I said goodbye to one of the junior team members I’ve been working with on a contract. She’s off to new challenges and while I’m professionally horrified (she will be difficult to replace), I’m personally thrilled for her new opportunities–I love to see my chicks soar! Meanwhile I’m waiting to hear back on a freelance proposal, and working on a few other projects.

This weekend I’m planning on doing very little, and looking forward to it immensely. Binge watching Stranger Things is on the list, as finishing at least one audiobook, doing laundry, and catching up on some reading. Jeff is already well immersed into his Saturday video games. Let the middle age wild rumpus start!

Bill O’Reilly: trash. There is a much shorter word for “non consensual sexual relationship.”

But I repeat myself, with this horrifying story.

Credit to the creator, always.

I ran into one of these ads for the first time this week.

First of all, confirmed! Second…Iowa?

Marie Claire gets blunt about where the desire to restrict or legislate birth control comes from, particularly among social conservatives. The only way to legislate women’s sex organs is to legislate the whole body attached to them, until science gets better. They are not pulling their punches, but I don’t think they are wrong. In fact, having grown up in a conservative religious culture with very strict gender expectations, I think they nailed it.

Senator Flake announced he’s retiring because there is no place for “a republican like [him]” in Trump’s America. He’s probably right, but I’d not he didn’t do much to try and stop his own party for going off the rails in the first place. And don’t throw his recent book at me as a rebuttal, that was after his party was hijacked by nationalistic nativism–which most Congressional Republicans were thrilled to capitalize on until suddenly they had to live with the consequence of stoking grievance for a decade straight. I’m sorry that another principled person feels run out of their political party, however. It bodes ill for the rest of us. I would have preferred to see him run again, even thinking he might have lost. Instead of the Charge of the Light Brigade, this feels more like a surrender.

Who wants to write for the Times?

This piece from The Cut is hard to read but I think is on to something about the stalled progress of female empowerment, and the dangers of putting all ones emotional eggs in one basket–work as much as relationships. One of my great personal revelations of the past couple of years has been my tendency to do this very thing (particularly with work) and neglect other aspects of my emotional and creative life. We women (speaking broadly and acknowledging privilege) need to diversify both happiness and our sense of accomplishment, in my opinion.

Where my witches at?!

Album of the week: Glasshouse, by Jessie Ware

Weekend Links

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.” 
― Keith Richards

I have nothing new to say about politics this week. The president an unmitigated error enabled by the party he ostensibly heads but doesn’t lead, and no one is publicly doing anything to corral his mistakes in tone, temper, and judgement–I say nothing of policy because apparently he can’t either. His disaster relief efforts have been extraordinarily uneven (to be generous) and his constant racist dog whistles just keep coming.

Meanwhile, there was another horrific massacre and the usual “now is not the time to talk about gun violence/control/policy/legislation/statistics” talk, though I’m gratified to see pushback on this from a variety of media corners. When is the right time to talk about it, pray tell?

Ugh. It’s a news heavy links post this week, kittens, but there are some good morsels thrown in there to lighten things up. Tell me what your weekend plans are in the comments!

It’s time to stop finding convoluted explanations for significant amount of the President’s word and twitter vomit.

Man Repeller has a piece about the fading halcyon days of the EIC of major magazines and wonders what the future holds for such roles. I’m conflicted. I know print is changing (I do NOT believe that it is dead), and that magazines (like almost every other platform) have become glorified advertising campaigns…but I still see the role of the editors as needed in wider media culture. Living in a world with almost infinite products and services, I see the role of a good editor as to provide a consistent, thoughtful perspective on what is worth your time and what isn’t. Less gatekeeper and more curator. Almost the whole of each of my social media feeds is dominated by editors whose POV I admire and whose taste and judgement I trust.

Where does the Libertarian wing of US voters go from here?

McKay Coppins of The Atlantic filed a great piece of reporting, but one that’s also a bit frightening. Never have I been less thrilled to fear my biases are all being confirmed.

While we were ******* sleeping, I guess?!

David Brooks proposes that what Republicans need to reclaim their party is a better narrative. I don’t disagree. I also say, ditto Democrats.

I am fanatical about lipstick. I also reject this utterly.

As you wish.

HAHAHA. It’s funny because nothing matters anymore.

Literally nothing.

NOTHING. (Update.)

This story on how frustrating it can be to resell clothing is both annoyingly true and interesting. As a consummate secondhand shopper I do occasionally sell on my own things, but some attempts at this have been much more successful than others.

Album of the Week: Raised Under Grey Skies, by JP Cooper  

Weekend Links

“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” 
― Groucho Marx

This week the president took on the NFL. In the words of the philosopher, Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge.” The Health and Human Services Secretary stepped down ostensibly because he made the administration look bad with indiscreet displays of wealth and poor judgement in using resources. Which frankly doesn’t bode well for the rest of his cabinet. Which in turn frankly doesn’t bode well for the rest of the citizenry, given how understaffed our government is. There’s just too much news to recap here, so I’ll leave it to the links.

This weekend we continue our deep clean for the seasonal change, we’ll do some brunch, and I’m working on a fun freelance project. I’m also working on some blog posts so I can stop being such a ridiculous writing bum. In the meantime, here’s another teaser Santorini post, and enjoy your links. Let me know of anything worth sharing in the comments!

How to help Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The dangers of American tribalism.

Honest to goodness lion in winter. Disagree with him (and I do, often) he is an elder statesman who will be missed when he retires or passes, and I am sorry to hear his health prognosis is poor.

Good, it’s actually 2017 after all.

Disgusted this happened, thrilled at the response. I will never not be proud to be an Air Force brat.

Good lord. *fans self*

I don’t even have children, but I think a lot about emotional labor, both at home and in the workforce Jeff is a great feminist husband and we have a pretty gender equitable household, chores-wise, but it would be a lie to say that I haven’t had the exact same emotional experience over the box of gift wrap as this author!

Brand new Lizzo!

Miss Piggy is “over the frog.”

Hugh Hefner passed away this week and the think pieces flowed. Here’s my favorite.

This conversation on PBS NewsHour about how the overall news, with particular focus on how Republican party is/may (depending on your POV) becoming victims of their own PR and the president’s ability to steer the media, is both interesting and insightful.

Album of the week: Visions of a Life, by Wolf Alice

Weekend Links: Equinox Edition

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
― Jim Bishop

Holiday seems but a distant memory now! It’s been back to work, back to projects, back to deep cleaning the house, and all that jazz this week. It’s officially sweater weather and (as of yesterday) officially fall! I still haven’t written up our Greece adventure or caught up on all my To Dos, but we did make it to our annual local street festival, one concert, and have brunch plans tomorrow, so I’m going to call this a winning week. Here’s a nice big batch of links for you to enjoy this weekend, and let me know any of your plans (big or small) in the comments!

Clinging to that summer feeling!

The Cut asks the right questions. I am heartily over the push to make Secretary Clinton sit down, be quiet, or go away. Spite ’em, Madame Secretary.

Secretary Clinton has also been giving some great interviews, including this less formal one with the Pod Save America lads. Worth a listen.

In the body image segment of this week’s Ugh, Misogyny portion of the links, it sometimes feels impossible to be a woman, alive and in public.

In much better news, I forgot to post this last week but Leslie Jones fangirling was hands down my favorite moment of NYFW this year. (Bonus Lizzo, who is of course an active force for good in this world!)

I bow down to Danielle Steel’s desk.

This is journalism.

Oh my god, people, this needs money. Not as much as a number of worthy causes in the world (which you should absolutely be supporting), admittedly, but still. Phryne!


The goodest boy.

This week in Mormon news, The Atlantic publishes a conversation with an author who grapples with Mormonism’s racist history, how it has changed, and what roles it may see moving forward as a very American faith whose main membership is now outside the US and whose racial demographics have changed dramatically over its history.

Old uni classmate and blogger extraordinaire Janssen has had a lot of great ideas and projects over the years, but this is one I’m definitely filing away for if/when I spawn.

The bloggers are pissed, guys.

No one needs this.

ETA, forgot to add the album of the week: Wallflower, by Jordan Rakei 

Weekend Links

“Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” 
― Edward R. Murrow

I had to take a semi-break from news this week, kittens. There’s just too much to process and take in and too much of it is making me angry. What did I do with all those feelings? I channeled them into work and avoided Twitter; it did a lot of good. In spite of hurricanes, missile launches, racists amuk, and all the rest of it.

Here are your links, let me know what you’re doing for the long weekend, kittens! I’ll be doing some work, alas, but also watching the Game of Thrones finale through narrowed eyes (see below for more thoughts), cleaning the house, enjoying a fun brunch thanks to the kindness of a friend, and generally lazing about. I’m really looking forward to it!

It’s summer, let’s learn about seersucker!

I have a lot of thoughts about the current season of Game of Thrones (has time travel been invented in Westeros now? How the hell are people moving thousands of miles in mere minutes?), but of all the subplots I’m not enjoying, the most unenjoyable is how six seasons of character development for Arya and Sansa have been apparently been unraveled because some men seem to struggle writing female strength and growth narratives without turning them into rape victims or un-women. /rant.

Full disclosure, if this plot all turns about to be an elaborate plan to get rid of Littlefinger, I will gleefully eat my words. About the character arch I mean. Not about dudes struggling to write about women. That stands.

Ooh, yes, let’s talk about monstrous female archetypes.

Let’s be real, I am not here for this latest iteration of Taylor Swift. She got caught lying, she’s borrowing from Beyonce. Nope.

Man Repeller summarizes in case you are out of the loop on this one.

Super late to the game but here’s a new to me artist I discovered this week and have been digging.

I cannot wait for this film.

There is one Civil War pensioner still receiving checks!

Sit down, Cameron.

The Fug Girls wrote a hilarious thing about the topic in which they reign unquestionably supreme: royalty.


Album of the week: Legacy by The Cadillac Three