Weekend Links

Hiya, piglets, I’m sneaking this batch of weekend reading for you just barely under the wire. Your weird internet aunt loves you!

It’s amazing to watch an entire philosophy and intellectual tradition (both of whose conclusions I disagree with) of western conservativism shrink to “owning the libs.” It’s adolescent and petty to a breathtaking degree. But it also represents a difficult and confusing business model challenge for its most aggressive modern proponents.

Optics is part of politics, which makes wardrobe choices fair game in many news stories, and not just in those featuring women.”

I’ve been thinking about this piece for 10 days with no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has to formally apologize to the Queen for being a lying, feckless dingus.

NOTHING HAS GIVEN ME THIS MUCH INTERNET JOY IN MONTHS. (The meme cycle alone has been incredible!)

Every few years this topic resurfaces in the public discourse and it always fascinated me anew. I bring this up several times a year to Jeff, usually when our sleep habits have gone totally off the rails.

Faced with lingering pockets of vaccine hesitancy, or outright refusal, many nations are imposing ever stricter rules and restrictions on unvaccinated people, effectively making their lives more difficult in an effort to convince them to get their shots.In doing so, they are testing the boundary between public health and civil liberties — and heightening tensions between those who are vaccinated and those who are not.”

YES. We have and it’s killing us as a society.

I don’t really know how to make most over-50 years olds I know realize that almost no one 35 and under really expects anything good to happen ever again. We’re all pretty convinced of the opposite.

Yes, but tell me more about how the biracial divorcee is the REAL problem in the Royal Family.

We love an oral history of our pop culture faves.

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