Friday Links

“Cheers to the freaking weekend…”
– Rhianna

Busy Friday prepping for a busy weekend. Here are your links, kittens, and tell me what you’re getting up to in the comments!

Fascinating story on the tale of a viral tweet.

Interesting and important piece from the NYT about the financial realities of freelancing and how writers are opening up about it. Finances are a constant presence for me since going freelance full time and in my first year, there have been plenty of months where I didn’t make what I wanted or needed to and our savings has had to come into play. Luckily I’m finally in a place where starvation isn’t a glaring possibility, but it still feels like a constant threat. In spite of recent successes and steady work!

The history of a severely undervalued garment.

For those interested on a longer view of Mormon Feminism (a history that dates back to the suffragettes) plus some perspective of it in the digital age, Nancy Ross, an acquaintance of mine does an admirable job of laying it out.

A video game idea generator, shared on Seth Godin’s blog and emailed to me from friend and Friend of the Blog Caitlin.

Your tumblr find of the week. (h/t Jeff)

H/t to my sister-in-law Camille for this series on wardrobe building. I edited down everything I owned to two suitcases when we moved to London and it was a great experience that’s really made me rethink clothes and possessions, so the idea of capsule wardrobes really interests me.

Existential Comics. Does what it says on the tin.

Rejoice, for Kate Beaton has posted new comics at Hark, a Vagrant and teased a new book. I particularly enjoy the Greek mythology one.

I can never resist a good batch of art remakes.

Or infographics of classical literature!

2 thoughts on “Friday Links”

  1. The Wardrobe Architect series looks really interesting…some people have no idea how to put themselves together attractively. After I studied interior design, I found many of the same principles that make a room lovely apply to my own wardrobe (texture, shine, use of color and proportion.) I read fashion magazines but they are usually useless — too expensive and too weird for 99% of readers. Also: a personal shopper. I had a guy at Neiman-Marcus put together a wardrobe for me in 2011 when Malled came out. I spent $2k, an unimaginable sum for me, but everything fit, looked great and I am still wearing them and enjoying what I got three years ago — CPW (cost per wearing) is also a consideration.

    The NYT piece will certainly prompt discussion. I’ll be blogging it as well, When so many outlets pay so little, you have to be very very careful about what you will take on for what pay rate — and how many hours a week are bearable in order to make a decent income. And, yes, some months are disasters — my July (thank heaven) was excellent as August is a nightmare and July’s income will have to subsidize it. It happens.

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