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“They want us to turn on our neighbors and it will never happen.”

It was a rough week here in the UK, as I’m sure international readers may imagine. The company I’m contracting with is tangentially but significantly affected by security changes throughout the world so work was a bit full on this week and London was operating at a heightened state of vigilance. Nothing but praise for first responders and the Manchester community who showed up to support their city, refused to tolerate malicious commentary based on prejudice, and general came together in ways that might have made me tear up a bit. Oh, and humor. The Brits responded with humor.

The American president leaked I mean mentioned in casual conversation the location of nuclear subs, put forward a budget that is (in my opinion) aggressively hostile to poor and disenfranchised citizens whilst potentially seriously ******* with NATO’s ability to function, and quite literally cost a dear friend of my her job–in case you thought it had to pass through Congress before having any effect. He also received the Pope’s treatise on climate change. Boy I hope they included the Cliff Notes.

Meanwhile, I’m happy in the knowledge that human beings are fantastic.

Here are you links for the weekend, kittens, and hope you find some joy in it. Stories and sharing in the comments, please!


Here, have some balm for the soul.

Fellow yanks, let me translate this British for you: they are pissed at us right now.

Not subjected to high levels of editorial scrutiny, huh? You don’t say. (I don’t have time to delve into why this whole conspiracy theory story and the people promoting it are garbage, but there I stand. In case you were wondering.)


Enough with the depression, let’s have some fun for a bit! This bot is doing the lord’s work.

Guy, GUYS! The internet did something good!

Also, GET HYPE. 

Loved this piece in Bazaar. It’s fine, good, and healthy to want a loving partner and committed partnerships–and voicing your support for feminism and feminist causes is NOT a barrier to that. I have a kind of great partner who proves that point. False dichotomies are lazy and unhelpful–and dare I say, tools of the patriarchy. Meanwhile a partner who abuses you, limits your choices, is unwilling to find family-specific and personal compromises on all aspects of home and family life, or is otherwise a jerk to you for having opinions IS a barrier to a healthy, happy, and productive life.

Here’s an instagram feed to make your day more pretty.

This story is altogether too common, but I’m thrilled her account is getting recognized and is being taken seriously.

You decide, ducklings: how important are these pineapple earrings to my happiness?

It’s going to be a summer of TV for me, between Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale, American Gods, and a list of other pop culture To Dos. But I’m also committed to finishing up my audiobook goal and getting my Goodreads year end report looking impressive.

Album of the week: True Care, by James Vincent McMorrow

Weekend Links: Good. Lord.

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”
― Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary

Reading the news this week has been one long continuous headdesk. After claiming that Secretary Clinton couldn’t be trusted with classified information, President Trump…simply divulged classified information to an adversarial power. Once again he also threw his entire messaging team under the bus, after they’d gone out of their way to discredit the early claims of the leaked story, by not only confirming that this actually happened, but that he was perfectly within his rights to do so.

Let’s be clear. Of course the president CAN do and say a lot of things, but that doesn’t make it a good idea much less sound policy. I would like to politely posit that had 44 or alt-45 discussed classified information of any kind with a generally-deemed hostile government, some of you reading this would be foaming with fury right now. Add in any of the extracurricular details and I’d fear for some of your blood pressure levels. I’ve written before that I don’t believe many Americans understand how much of our government’s functionality is not codified in law so much as respected through precedent. This is a textbook example of this theory.

Editor’s note: I typed that above bit on Tuesday. By Thursday…look, I tried to summarize, but here:

Then this was Friday. I’m tired, kittens, here are your links. I’m sure we’ll check in with MORE breaking news again before the end of this weekend. Good bleeding lord.

This thread. It is life.

But, here. Have a palate cleanser before we continue.


Interesting editorial on the difference between conservativism and what the author calls “anti-anti-Trumpism,” or the desire to see liberal positions mocked and trolled more than genuinely pushing for conservative political principles in action. I don’t agree with everything here, but I do see enough of this general attitude to take it as anecdotally true. And if we’re all more concerned with poking the “other” in the eye than actually arguing our own cause or beliefs, then we are well and truly ******.

Longbourne is for sale and it has a secret Nazi past.

This is a couple months old but the Attenbourough-inspired take on Fashion Week made me howl.

If the state of our government weren’t at stake, I could feel some sympathy for a seemingly lonely, narcissistic old fool. Unfortunately, he’s the supposed leader of the free world and I have expectations of him.

Fully intend to buy one of these at some point. Specifically this one. (Editors note: totally bought it.)

Let’s go shopping! (h/t Caitlin Kelly)

Damn it, I’ve missed out.

The Dutch king has a secret life, and it’s kind of great.

Album of the week: Compassion, by Forrest Swords

Weekend Links: Trumpster Fire

“Above all, I would teach him to tell the truth. Truth-telling, I have found, is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have had one thing in common: Every single one was a liar.”
– J. Edgar Hoover

The news is shifting hourly at this point but at time of typing, the President of the United States fired the head of the FBI this week–ostensibly for his poor handling of the Clinton email saga but more probably because he refused to pledge personal loyalty to the president and was seeking to continue the investigation into the connections of then-candidate Trump’s election campaign to foreign nationals with an agenda of disrupting/influencing the election.


People were hiding in–excuse me, among–bushes, Ms. Conway reappeared after being lost to the world for several weeks, the memes are writing themselves at this point.

Most recently, the president has tweeted (a phrase I am sick to the teeth of reading much less typing) veiled threats towards the now-former FBI head, sort-of-threatening to to reveal supposed recordings of conversations…that are unlikely to have taken place in the first instance–though watch this space. It it 2017, after all. Meanwhile his own statements of the timeline which lead to his decision to fire Mr. Comey have blatantly contradicted that of his supporting team. Meaning that he’s an idiot or a liar. Again.

Super cool.

Time for independent review and investigation. Like, now.

Here are you links, kittens. Let’s have a robust conversation in the comments, and share anything worth spreading below.

First and foremost, Melissa MacCarthy is hosting SNL tonight. She is READY and I am THRILLED.

I have never seen an episode of this show or any of its spinoffs, I buy none of their hawked products, I do not engage. But this piece on the Kardashians was an interesting read nonetheless.

The dissection of J. Crew’s slide continues, but I’m guilty of still reading the think pieces.

Hold the damn phone, Glossier is making sunscreen now! Behold!


PSA: there is a podcast called Medieval History for Fun and Profit, and its first episode is all about medieval sex. Go forth and enjoy, kittens!

Girl gangs forever.

Beloved childhood book characters, narrated by P.G. Wodehouse. They did everything but slap a “SDS Clickbait” banner across this thing.

This week in Mormon news, the LDS church announced it was ending a century-long partnership with Boy Scouts of America. A very interesting development since the scouting program has effectively functioned as the learning and development organization for boys in the church for years. Girls have their own achievement and goal-based organizations, which don’t have an equivalent level of parity or recognition outside of the church structure. It will be interesting to see what the Church puts in place for young men, another outside organization or an internally created one.

Album of the week: Blond, by Frank Ocean

Weekend Links: Live and Let Tutu

“In science it often happens that scientists say, ‘You know that’s a really good argument; my position is mistaken,’ and then they would actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn’t happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion.”
― Carl Sagan

This week, the president wondered aloud why we couldn’t have “worked things out” and avoided the American Civil War (slavery, dude. Other satellite issues, yes, but almost entirely slavery). Then Republicans, after years saying that Obamacare was passed too hastily and without proper review–passed a new health care bill in under an hour of debate, without hearings, without a CBO score, which most experts and professionals (including the vast majority of the medical field) don’t support. K. Bette Davis acts out my feelings for us.

 photo tenor_zpsqo8aaupi.gif

Here are your links, kittens, because good stuff happened and needs to be shouted out too.

The literal meaning behind the names of US states.

Get busy reading or get busy dying! h/t to the always superb and hilarious Planes, Trains, and Plantagenets 

Print is not dead, peeps.

This uptick started when I was working at a police department in the US myself and was being monitored as a threat. I find it terrifying and, in my opinion, baffling to see organizations like this effectively create what they purport to be defending against: rogue teams who pick and choose which laws they think should apply to them, act (or at least plot) wildly outside or against governments, and believe that violence is an acceptable way to achieve their political and social aims. We have a word for this: terrorists.

Humans of Wyoming, you beautiful bastards came through in spades! Props to the supporting humans of the internet. Toxic masculinity needs to go.

 photo wyoming_zpstazotunw.png

Childbirth is still dangerous, but people are doing great things to make it less so.

Good lord. The scary part is I can completely recognize so many of the impulses and urges here (I’ve given in to myself more than once), and I can see where this trend and problem is coming from. Separately, I love it when Racked does longform.

The Oatmeal knocks it out of the park again.

Stand down, citizens.

The kids are alright.

Album of the week: What Now, by Sylvan Esso


Weekend Links

“After luncheon the sun, conscious that it was Saturday, would blaze an hour longer in the zenith,…”
― Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

Hurrah, our government is funded for another week and we haven’t come to blows with North Korea. As of typing this at least. Who honestly knows what might go down this weekend!

This week at work was really enjoyable but very eventful and I plan on doing as little as possible this weekend, with the exception of a dinner party for a friend who is in town from the States. It’s another Bank Holiday weekend so my plans are brunch with Jeff, a bit of work prep for the coming week cleaning the house, and to get in touch with some of my girl gang who have been sadly neglected lately. The weather has gone annoyingly chilly again (#Britain) and we’ve got some rain on the way, but the prospect of some sun on the horizon.

 photo 2017-04-14 16.34.15 1_zps9inothtq.jpg

Thoughts on tele-typing?

Haberman. I’ve followed her writing for years, but found this profile a great and insightful read. She sounds like a dame, in the absolutely best sense of the world.

He…thought it would be…easier?

This quick piece by McKay Coppins at The Atlantic sums it up for me. I stand by my prediction as a viable potential.

This makes my lookbook project seem significantly less impressive!

Speaking of the rise of the machines however, this piece about the rise (and potential fall) of the service economy was interesting to read.

Learning from wise women and fighting imposter syndrome.

Learning wisdom from wise men and slaying.

I am always down to rank Shakespearean couples and I have many thoughts about this list. Let’s argue in the comments!

Slybird is my new spirit animal. I brook no argument. There is tea to be spilled and this bird has it.

Fact checking, a la This American Life.

Album of the week: Double Roses, by Karen Elson

Weekend Links

“The history of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Another weekend is upon us, ducklings! We’re chasing sunlight where we can find it this weekend, and our big project is to buy a pair of vintage chairs for the flat. How exciting are we!

Meanwhile, in this week’s news, the administration misplaced an aircraft carrier, Venezuela is engulfed in protests, and there’s a nail-biter of an election coming up in France.  On the otherhand, Bill O’Reilly is out of a job, proving that justice does eventually come to you if you attempt to assault or sexually exploit women from a position of power. That, or you get elected president.

Whatever! I’m in too good a mood, and so this weekend’s links batch is brought to you by lady news and feminist glee/outrage as the case may be. Enjoy!

 photo 2017-04-14 18.43.02_zpsw5k2b8mb.jpg

There, Elle fixed it for you, dude.

Man-terupting at the Supreme Court level, and interesting trends related thereto.

Gah, I am ridiculously excited about The Handmaid’s Tale, and this write up from Buzzfeed about the visuals and the the idea of the “female gaze” just fanned the flames!

Thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer, kittens? I have some some quibbles, but mostly am bursting with hopeful glee to see some lady Jedi training.

A badass woman, an iconic set of images, and an anniversary.

Boy, bye!

And speaking of boy byes (which really should be both a noun and a verb), my own congressman and resident spineless jerk Congressman Chaffetz is not running for reelection. Hurrah! Though if he is lining himself up for a gubernatorial run, Jeff may convince me to spend more time in Utah for the sheer dogged determination I will feel to volunteer for whomever his opponents turn out to be. Truly, I have never longed for a Romney, but the sudden sharp pang is intense!


Why yes, women do slay while pregnant.

How furious she must be, now that she’s been taken at her word.” How The Handmaid’s Tale explores the issue of women backing up patriarchy, and what warnings it might have for more current talking points.

Aztec midwifery sounds like a pretty darn thorough profession!

Album of the week: The Chief, by Jidenna

Weekend Links

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

I’m sorry but the White House Press Secretary actually said this week, without a hint of irony, that, “Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons…” in World War II.

In internet parlance, I am unable to even.

Mr. Spicer tried to clean this up, ‘clarifying’ with the following, “[Hitler was] not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing.'” Okay…so that’s how we’re kicking off the first day of Passover.

You quite literally can’t make this shit up. But kittens, it was only Tuesday!

 photo giphy 2_zps55s5w4gk.gif

As I finalize the draft of this post, President Trump dropped a major bomb (literally, not metaphorically), we’re finishing up taxes (cutting it fine this year), and trying to pack for an impromptu trip. There, you’re as caught up as I can get you. It’s a Bank Holiday and Jeff and I are getting on a train right now, so here are your weekend links a bit early…because it’s technically the weekend! Share anything else you found fun, infuriating, though-provoking, or just plain neat this week in the comments section!

This meme got a workout this week!

I had no idea that “lunch shaming” was even a thing, but it’s enraging. There was also a good short rant on Pod Save America this week about how closely we monitor the spending of poor or marginalized citizens, insisting on an element of shame for use of support or services, but are happy to consider (for example) the millions of dollars spent on a missile barrage as an acceptable sunk cost.

There was another awful shooting in San Bernidino this week, and a child has been killed. There is a GoFundMe campaign to support his family here. I’m deeply conscious of how much coverage the last high profile shooting got in this area received and the comparative radio silence as the shooter this time is a citizen and accused domestic abuser–a crime that is exponentially more common than terrorism and tragically downplayed.

Vogue reports that Glossier is coming to the UK later this year!

Science is incredible.

The National Review interestingly posits that “Trumpism” never really existed. Trump was just populist enough for many to project their own perspectives and values on to his ideology-less form. If correct, will his supports wake to this fact? And if so, what then?

Michelin star rated shade!

The Salt Lake Tribune won a Pulitzer this week, for its months long investigation into rape reporting (or lack thereof) at my alma mater, BYU. I have not been at all surprised to learn that reports of assaults have now risen as a result.

The new Thor film looks a bit iffy to me, but Cate Blanchett looks incredible in it. Basically, Galadriel claimed the One Ring, and I’m here for it!

A girl standing calm in the face of racial hatred. Powerful.

An honest piece on weight and the language we use towards people gaining and losing it.

The New York Times had an amazing piece about the potential effects of Brexit on London, contender for the capital of the globalized world.

Album of the week: That’s Your Lot, by Blaenavon