Friday Links (Freelancers Gonna Freelance Edition)

“All happiness depends on courage and work.”
― Honoré de Balzac

Big week! I’ve finished the majority of some major assignments. And I have a pretty big opportunity happening next week, provided of course that nothing falls through. More on that as confirmations roll in – we hope! Here are your links, kittens. I’m distracting you with shiny things while I hustle to wrap a few things up and fight a burgeoning sore throat with absolutely massive amounts of tea.

Fresh mint tea when I can get it!
Fresh mint tea when I can get it!

Interesting and thought provoking read about work values, privilege, and labor.

Trigger warning, because the blurb alone is pretty bad. Court. Ordered. Gang rape. Utterly, utterly horrifying and hideous. This is why we need feminism, sorry those who say it’s outdated.

Watch enough BBC period pieces (and trust me, I HAVE), and you’ll start feeling a sense of deja vu

Pretty good, but not quite as good as Richard III turning up in a car park on the very first day in the very first trench the archeologists dug. That one still takes the cake.

I give both this headline and the clothing items described therein a resounding, huzzah!

What’s that, well beloved minions? You say you still haven’t found a calendar for the new year? Feast your eyes, kittens!

This one’s not for the pearl clutchers, fair warning. Enthusiastic medievalist I may be, but frankly between the wars, famines, plagues, and “medicine,” in many ways it’s a marvel our species made it past the 15th century in the West. Add these sorts of logistical worries and it might be a miracle we made it past the 10th. Although we have the behavioral evidence of several kings of Britain alone, to say nothing of popes, to show that the medieval world seemed to have viewed this more as guidelines… (Sidenote. ‘Are you in church?!’)

Minions with kids, take note! Gap (whose Peter Rabbit collection for kids I found adorable) is now doing a Paddington Bear collection.

Need something cute for your home? Of course you do!

Flags and foods of the world! (h/t Jessica)

Just in case I cut myself on Hiddleston’s cheekbones.

An old neighbor of mine, who it must be said is a kinda well known name in the world of baking blogs and Pinterest, is getting her first book published soon, and it’s already available  in Kindle edition! High five, Ashton!

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