Friday Links

“Friday’s a free day. A woman’s day.”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods 

It’s Friday. I’m busy with copywriting. Here are your links, some serious but mostly Springy and lighthearted because the weather outside is gorgeous and I’m going to Paris in two weeks – more on that later, eh? Let me know what you’re up to in the comments!

First and foremost, tomorrow is International Women’s Day. And here’s why it’s important:


Caitlin Kelly nails it in this post  on tips for creative success. Print this sucker out and refer to it often, I have and am.

I may be a nomad but if I had to choose a state, I’m a Virginia girl all the way. And Virginians love hospitality pineapples. It’s not unusual to see the fruit as a major decor piece around the holidays, a motif I absolutely plan on adopting if and when Jeff and I start doing more dignified and grown up entertaining. (Side note, I have long been irrationally tempted to order this customized pineapple motif stationery for team Woodland correspondence.)

I’m a big fan of lots of J. Crew’s beauty looks, this year’s is no exception. I’m a bright lip kind of woman. And handily enough, J. Crew has shared the look breakdown.

Nooo! He can’t retire!

Calling all knitters. Also, headline of the week.

Runner up for headline of the week, because who am I to stand in the way of Renaissance and cat-related progress?

Gorgeous ethnographic photography project.

An increasing number of people I know are backing off of and away from online presences. Have you ever considered this? Do you think you could (or should) do it in the world today? Stylist Magazine lays out the process.

The luxury market is a fascinating thing to watch, and recently it’s gotten a bit more out of control (which is saying something). The Wall Street Journal breaks it down.

A bit more affordable an alternative – this adorably customizable bag. Maybe it’s because we’re going to Paris this month and I’ve got travel on the brain, but I think this would be great for summer. I’ll take one with the fox and the martini logo, please.

I’ve been working towards a major blog redesign for a while now, it’s still not an immediate thing (largely due to the, ahem, financial realities of freelancing) but it’s definitely on the To Do list for 2014. For anyone out there who is considering a similar move, let me direct you to Bethany at Love Grows Design. Not only does she have a really gorgeous portfolio, but her blog is full of posts to help you think more constructively about the process, instead of wandering around in a dither. Lots of her posts have already helped me start formulating ideas. When I can afford it (and I’ve already started saving up) she’s definitely at the top of my list of people I hope to work with.

4 thoughts on “Friday Links”

  1. Thank you for the kind words and link!

    Paris. Zut! Gnashes teeth with envy…:-)

    LOVE the penguin sweaters — one of them I saw had a huge fish (!) knitted into it. Way too adorable.

  2. As you know, my place of employment is the king (or perhaps the general-turned-unanimously-elected-president?) of the hospitality pineapple. As you may not know, the greatest award an employee here can get is the Golden Pineapple. Seriously.

    Also, mark me down as one of those firmly in the “decreased online presence” category. Facebook-free for nearly three years and blog-free for one. Recovery is totally possible.

    1. I’m not at all surprised to hear the Golden Pineapple is a thing.

      Your lack of social media is an example/warning to us all (depending on one’s point of view). 😉

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