Eve vs. The Apple

 “Look for the woman in the dress; if there is no woman, there is no dress.”
-Coco Chanel

It never fails.  Whenever I recommit to frugality (and, though I don’t mind spending money, I already do live well within my limits) I remember something I need to buy, find a place that tempts me to dump money into it, or go shopping with Venice.  Usually some combination of the three. 


Last night was the third option.  I told the girls I asked to be bridesmaids long ago that I want them to pick out a dress they liked, that flattered them, and that they could wear again…I had no idea it would mean frantic searching and agony on their part, I thought I was doing something nice!  Venice and I went on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses, and since we live in wedding central, we reasoned, surely there must be something.  Two hours later we had encountered monstrosity after monstrosity (long, hunter’s orange, chiffon with a BOW!  I didn’t know they actually were legally able to sell something that ugly!) and I could tell she was getting frustrated enough to chew nails!  David’s Bridal was explored and discarded, some pretty dresses but ridiculously priced and the alterations would cost a separate fortune.  Other bridal shops were the same, the dresses in varying degrees of loath-ability.  We’re about the same height (aka short) and let me tell you, no one makes pretty petite bridesmaids dresses.  In fact, I’d say that very few people make pretty petite clothing for women in their early twenties period, but that’s an entirely different rant for another day.  As if finding a nice bridesmaids dress wasn’t a chore to begin with, finding one in a “specialty size” was pretty near impossible, we continue to be confounded by our height (or lack thereof).

Finally we through in the towel (after we had both stopped into Anchor Blue for flip flops because we both needed a pair, were still both in our work heels, and dying) and slumped home in defeat.  Then!  At 10 o’clock she called (ironic, since we now live two doors down from one another) and I hurried over to see this marvelous site: Shabby Apple.  Another friend had introduced me to it months ago but the memory of it was long gone.  It’s a small business run out of Salt Lake City, UT and they sell nothing but fabulous dresses!  She found one she really liked (it’s so classy, and not something vile that one tosses in the back of a closet never to be seen again) so we ordered it and we’re now a step closer to being done with this whole parade! 

I think I may be channeling...
I think I may be channeling...

…of course, there were repercussions…I’ve had next to nothing to do at work today so I spent the day cruising the website, having to physically restrain myself from whipping out the credit card!  I’m currently drooling over a few and debating which to buy first when I’m no longer out of my I’m-getting-married-and-have-better-things-to-spend-my-money-on hell.  …that and today I’m buying a pair of stunning emerald earrings to wear on the big day.  A girl can’t have everything.  At least not all at once.

For your horror/viewing pleasure you may check out the following.  I can’t belive so many people are this cruel to their friends!

4 thoughts on “Eve vs. The Apple”

  1. Don’t forget Bluefly! Literally hundreds upon hundreds of dresses, and most are entirely wearable. That’s where I found the fantastic one I’m wearing. Granted, I had to order 7 and do some weeding, but you know. Happens.

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