Fake It Till You Make It

“Do we have any plans tonight?”
“We could get dinner or catch a movie.”
“Sounds good.”
“By the way, my parents are coming tomorrow.”
“Gah!  Scratch that, we’re cleaning!”
-C. and J.

stressedFuture parents-in-law coming to see the flat where their son will be living once he marries me = mad dash to scrub bathroom, wipe down kitchen, throw multiple lemons down (our incomprehensibly aggravating) garbage disposal, make bed, stash Victoria Secret bags/boxes and issues of Cosmo from scandalous friends (seriously, people, are you trying to get me killed?!) , and spray whole house with happy, fresh apple scent.  All for half an hour of sitting in our living room making small talk.  And since I have NO food in the place (thank goodness they didn’t look in the FRIDGE!) I had to wait until today to buy myself a post-parental Cafe Rio Tres Leches cake! 

I have no idea why I’m so terrified of his parents, they are some of the world’s nicest people!  I think I’m afraid that they’ll find out that I’m not very nice myself…

2 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It”

  1. What a perfect picture. What a perfect picture!
    (I had to say it twice just to make sure you got the idea.)

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