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Minion Tip-off!

One of the fabulous editors I worked under at Red was Saska Graville, I was lucky to do some research for her for an upcoming interview with a pretty inspiring individual. She’s also an author of the popular London Style Guide, which I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while – curse poverty! Blogger Rachel Khoo is doing a giveaway for the book this week. It’s for British residents only but well worth entering if you want a editor’s personal take on my favorite city!

*image via Rachel Khoo’s blog

And Something For the Rest of You:

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.”
– Edith Head

If the giveaway isn’t your cup of tea, here’s something else for you to shop with:  Shabby Apple is offering a special deal to readers of their affiliates…and that means you!

They’ve added a couple of new frocks to their Yosemite line, I particularly love the Gray Fox and Red Fox dresses.  And just a couple of weeks ago they debuted their newest line of Eastern inspired silk dresses, the Silk Road line, all of which just scream to be worn to those lurking holiday parties. The Ming dress especially would be stunning.

Desperately holding on to Summer?  I love the Scarlett Dragon dress, or the fab jersey Giverny.  Embracing the Fall?  I’ve been coveting the sweet wool Yorkshire dress.

So…how’s does 10% off storewide and free shipping sound?  Pretty fabulous, I expect!  Just use the code fall10off and enjoy the best the season has to offer.

Don’t for get to enter the giveaway, winner announced tomorrow.  Also tomorrow the office is dressing up in our Halloween costumes so we’ll be giving you the red carpet breakdown of those too.  And I’ll be dyeing my hair red tonight so with my track record, I’ll probably get a good story out of that adventure too…you may prepare to laugh at my expense.

Chins up, pumpkins, it’s nearly Friday!


Giveaway Time!

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”
– Sophia Loren

Guess what, ladies?  We’re not all Size 2’s.  In fact, we come in all sizes and shapes, and we want to look good in all of them, is that so much to ask?  I’m petite but, as I’ve stated before, I’m hardly your standard issue short girl.  Proportions can be the bane of the prettiest of pretty girls.  Plus size, petite, tall, ankle-length…what we’re really saying is that we just want clothes that look good and fit us properly!

Which is why places like Fashion to Figure are as awesome as they are!

Fashion to Figure specializes in Plus Size women’s clothing and as luck would have it, they are sponsoring our giveaway.

Now, I can hear my fellow short girls and other variously assorted sized friends go, “Wait a second!  How does this benefit me?  I’m not sure this one’s for me…”  Hold your horses, ducklings.  I, even I 4’11” C. Small Dog, have purchased clothing bigger than my usual sizes, and this giveaway is made for all ladies who want to look good.  Heck, my professional and fashion idol Joan Holloway is considered plus sized in the industry because of those fabulous hips of hers and no one looks at her with any thing but admiration/envy!

The item up for winning is…

This pair of delightfully distressed jeans!  Wonderfully on point fashionably speaking, and versatile for fall.  I love them as they are styled here, rolled up for a boyfriend cut look, but tuck them into boots with a sweatshirt to for a casual chic feel, or pair with cute flats, a pretty tank, and a fabulous cardi to keep warm and lovely.

Now!  How to win! There are three chances:

  1. Just click on their banner above and check out their site, then come back here and leave a comment telling me which item of their fine selection is your favorite
  2. Share this giveaway either on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog, then leave me a comment linking to your link
  3. You get a third entry by leaving me a comment telling me your favorite thing about yourself: gorgeous eyes, lovable freckles, fabulous hips,  you name it.  Can’t appreciate beauty in others until you see it in yourself!

Make sure you leave contact info so I can get in touch with you.  Good luck!  Winner announced Friday!

How Weird is My Job…

“Hi, this is [ahem] from the History department.  We’ve just received a package that appears to contain a human skull.  Could you send someone over, please?”
– [ahem] from History department

See above.

Truly, your timing with over commercialized holidays is uncanny!

We sent over an officer half expecting to uncover a Halloween decoration with “Made in China” stamped merrily across it.  Imagine our surprise then when he carted back a box containing two and half genuine human noggins!  Look to be Native American remains, they’re trying to trace them now.  Naturally the desecration of human bodies and disturbing of Indian remains is both illegal and (especially at this time of year) liable to open portals into the nether world, but sue me, I’m thrilled.  I dashed back to the patrol room, slapped on a pair of plastic gloves, and got to handle them under the officer’s watchful eye.  It’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in a couple of weeks!  And if I drop dead in the near future, you can snuff it up to an ancient curse.

In less bizarre but equally exciting news, poodles, come back tomorrow for an exciting new giveaway!




Note: the prize will not include federally protected remains, items, artwork, etc.  Apologies in advance for any disappointment.

Oh la la!

“I am a great believer in luck.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Well, ducklings, it’s that time.  I counted up all the comments, facebook links, and blog shout outs, plugged that number into random.org, and the winner is…

Denise!  Who said, and I quote, “oh, what the heck! i’ll play- i never win but i like your blog and i like shabby apple! and green is my color!!

Positive thoughts today, Denise, you’ve one yourself some serious pretty from Shabby Apple.  I’ll be emailing you for your contact info.  Thanks to everyone who participated, hopefully there will more giveaways in the future!