Friday Links (This Girl is On Fi-hyah, Edition)

“Nobody gets a nervous breakdown or a heart attack from selling kerosene to gentle country folk from the back of a tanker in Somerset.”
– Roald Dahl
Covent Garden has had its Christmas decor up for a bit, but in view of the fact that there is no Thanksgiving here, I'll allow it in November
Covent Garden has had its Christmas decor up for a bit, but in view of the fact that there is no Thanksgiving here, I’ll allow it in November

I was in a bit of a funk this week, ducklings. So I gave myself leave to (temporarily) neglect you while I found some equilibrium. It was also the week of Jeff’s first three certifying exams (he passed with flying colors) so things were understandably a bit tense so we preferred to hang out in Covent Garden with each other of an evening than anything else. But a good dose of perspective from a friend has quite busted me out of my three day break.

So far today I’ve done laundry, worked out, sent out a small but decent batch of cold emails for editorial work, put in some work on a novel (yeah, I’m one of those. Blame buddy and future YA bestselling author Caitlin Jacobs), did some freelance work, submitted a couple invoices, and did a load of washing up. I’m feeling downright energetic! This evening I plan on dragging Jeff to the British Museum to check out their Beyond El Dorado exhibit, and then possibly wander a bit in Westminster to take in some November. Here are your links, tell me what you’re up to this weekend!

I confess I might have squeed a little…but these are awfully cute creations.

Wow…heartbreaking and beautiful (h/t Caitlin Kelly)

These shoes are all kinds of great.

The kingdom was briefly in peril it seems, but crisis has been averted.

You must admit, his outlook is very soothing. Also, Jeff thinks he’s the greatest painter that ever graced the earth. In his words, “He paints with a freaking knife!”

Halloween is but one day behind us. Here’s something historical and grisly for you.

Gardening for the win! (h/t Kerry)

It might be All Saints Day, but Kate Beaton’s holiday quizzes always require sharing.

Guard your gardens!

Leaving aside that CNN’s headlines are looking more and more like Buzzfeed, this gallery pleases me. I wonder what the leg wraps are meant to achieve.

6 thoughts on “Friday Links (This Girl is On Fi-hyah, Edition)”

  1. Um… I want Jarrett Bellini’s job.

    Extinct tree? Awesome.
    Human skin book? AWESOME.

    And as always, All Hail Kate, amen.

    You really ARE on fire this week!

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