Friday Links

“London, London, London town,
You can toughen up or get thrown around.”
― Kano

Weighing the options of how to make a resume more visually interesting while doing laundry. The domestic/professional divide! Here are you links, kittens, and tell me what you’re up to this weekend.

Last week of October, or so our courtyard tells me.
Last week of October, or so our courtyard tells me.

First up, the fabulous Caitlin Kelly is offering a series of webinar courses to develop or hone your skills as a writer or freelancer. I seriously cannot recommend her tutelage enough, Caitlin is not just unbelievably knowledgeable and talented, she’s an excellent teacher who knows how to guide and inspire as well.  The contact information for the series is available at the link.

Someone literally told me not too long ago that I couldn’t be a feminist and also good person. Aside from the headdesk that my whole soul engaged in, here’s a visual response from the UN illustrating what some people, who are apparently better persons than I, think about half of the world’s population.

People liked the Bill Watterson speech that an admirer animated and I shared last week, so I thought I’d just mention that he’s (Bill Watterson) has given an incredibly rare interview to Mental Floss. I have no idea where I can get my hands on a copy over here, so stateside minions get on this please! The excerpt alone is interesting. I admire Watterson’s take on his creation and how fiercely he’s protected it in the medium he intended it to be displayed in. I can’t even image how much money he’s turned down over the years, but he fought and won the battle over his vision. Respect.

Interesting article. It talks about how infertility is has historically been viewed as a female issue, and how that attitude influences treatments even today, and even when the medical science shows that infertility affects both males and females pretty equally. I’ve had a number of female friends and acquaintances struggle with getting pregnant and in all their cases they had to deal with pressures and expectations, including medical, that they all mentioned didn’t seem to fall on their husbands.

These are…gruesomely…Halloween appropriate.

Something of a personal mantra, lately.

Pearl clutchers, this might cause some consternation so be warned, but I think this list of reasons for admittance to a 19th century asylum is fascinating. Novel reading? And that ultimate of vague diagnoses, women troubles?  Thinking too much about politics? Welp, see ya, kids.

I insist you stop what you are doing and admire these book edge designs!

Where do you belong, mood-wise?

What a gallery!

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