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Five Things I Loved In January

2020 is off to an exhausting start and now, looking down the barrel of Brexit and other world issues, just reading the news requires bracing oneself. As I type my country is dealing with a constitutional crisis, while my other country is about to pitch itself out of a 70 year alliance, and the whole world is eyeing a pandemic. It’s STILL only January. Buckle up, kids!

As always, please send me your recommendations in the comments, I rely on your estimable good taste, ducklings!

MAC Russian Red

If ever there was a month that required lipstick as armor, it’s been this January. I’ve been wearing MAC’s Russian Red almost every day for an extra boost of bravery and, as ever…it works. My only blu-ish red shade of warpaint, it makes me feel like a badass on days when I feel anything but. Much ink has been spilled on the power of a red lip, but as a totem, it’s pretty darn reliable.


Full Metal Alchemist

My introduction to anime continued this month and I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought I would. I credit this significantly to the Manga exhibition we saw at the British Museum over the summer, which helped me understand the art form as a total novice and gave me a lot of important context to appreciate anime more generally. Cultural heritage institutions are amazing, people, support them with your money!


Educated, by Tara Westover

I’m ridiculously late to this memoir that had everyone talking for years, but I’m so glad I finally got here. While my Mormonism is in no way similar to the doomsday extremist version that she was raised with, I recognize the rhythms of her language and phrases ones I share. Though on a small scale, it makes me understand what individuals and communities mean by representation – reading her work, even though our lives are disparate, I understand the emotions she describes and the experiences she references in a deep and visceral way. Her journey from a girl without a birthday or birth certificate to PhD is inspiring on its face, but the power of this book is in how well she describes her inward journey from ignorance to the beautiful and awful expanse of knowledge. It’s amazing. It’s also lonely and painful and comes at tremendous cost. Academic accolades aside, the narrative is not about what she achieves so much as how she learns to be a complex human being with agency. I think a male version of this story would be more heroic in its depiction, more triumphant in its closure. Grappling with herself as a woman, an individual, a person, allows her to tell a very different kind of hero’s journey than the rags to riches, ignorance to financial success tales that are more common.


Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed For Men

From the sublime to the ridiculous…I can’t remember the last time a book made me so angry. It’s reported nonfiction and its subject is how the male body, male mind, male psyche and so on is still the template on how much of our world is designed. From scissors too large for most women’s hands, to seatbelts not designed for breasts or differently shaped pelvises in preventing injuries, it details how much of the world is Not For Us.

The Good Place

What a joy this show has been, and how sorry I am to see it go. Clever premise, joke-packed writing, deep concepts, perfect aesthetic, delightful cast. Would that all series had two of any of the above much less all of them. If you have not yet indulged, do yourself a favor this weekend: grab a pal, a bottle of booze, get cozy and enjoy a romp through the afterlife while discussing the nature of ethics. Seems dull? Hardly!

Five Things I Loved in December

The last month of the year draws to a close, ducklings, and as always, I have a short list of the things that made the bleak midwinter a bit less bleak.

As always, please share your favorite things from the month in the comments!

Knives Out

What a joy this film was! It’s that rare thing that manages to hit all the tropes of its genre while still being fresh and original. Every single actor and respective character is perfectly formed, and the ensemble together is fantastic. You can tell that everyone working on this project just had so much fun doing it–who knew Daniel Craig could do comedy noir this well?! Much has been written on the costuming (if there was an Oscar for knitwear….) but the entire design of the movie is a visual feast from the sets to the cinematography. I can’t remember enjoying a movie as much in a long time. If you love murder mysteries of any stripe, and appreciate a good love letter to the genre istelf, it is not to be missed.


Glossier FutureDew

Much as I love the brand, I looked at this product askance when it first dropped. A sheer, oil/serum hybrid designed to make you look shiny… Surely only twenty year olds with already perfect skin could use such a thing, right? Well, shut my mouth. I tried it at Glossier’s London pop up in Covent Garden and was shocked at how much I liked the look and feel of it on my skin! It isn’t classified as makeup and provides no coverage beyond a touch of blurring luminosity, but when combined with concealer produces a lovely “fresh face.” I’ve used it almost every day since purchase.

Cowboy Bebop

We went on a winter break pop culture binge and one of the areas Jeff is undertaking to enlighten me is the world of anime. He recommended this cult classic series and I mainlined it! It’s a very difficult series to describe as it’s a mashup of science fiction, film noir, and western genres and tropes but the final blend is a standalone story that is wholly unique. I’m very new to this stuff, but if anyone can recommend other anime series they think I’d like based on this, please send them my way. Jeff’s already got a couple lined up, but a girl can’t ever have too many!

Flannel Sheets

We finally bought these after talking about it for years…and what a great decision it was! We first experienced these at Jeff’s parents’ house and it was a gamechanging experience for winter. It wasn’t expensive in the slightest, we just grabbed some brushed cotton version from John Lewis on a Black Friday sale. If thus far your 2019 has been insufficiently cozy, try adjusting your bedding.

Anti Anxiety Medication

Whew, let’s talk about this one, ducklings. In what is becoming a bit of a theme for longtime readers, this is another area where I have waited too long to get help that in retrospect I clearly needed years ago. In fact, the conversation with my doctor went something along the lines of, “So the last six years have involved cross-Atlantic immigration, freelancing and toxic jobs, career changes, financial stress, religious faith collapse, and the personal strains that all the above entails. Here are all the lifestyle changes I’ve made to try and manage and many have helped, but I’ve hit a wall and here are all the things that aren’t getting better in my mental health (in fact, a few are getting worse). I think I’ve let this go on way too long and I think I need additional medical help to cope.”
Quoth my doctor, in essence, “Girl, you think?!”

I’ve only been on it for a month, but I’m feeling much more emotionally stable and in control of my own brain than I have in at least two years. LEARN FROM MY FAIL, ASK FOR HELP IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED IT.

Ten Things I Loved in October and November

Hey kids, I’m still taking things easy, but I felt bad for not sharing a few of the things that have made the last couple of months a bit easier to manage. I’ve done a double batch for two months of failed updates to make up for my continuing, shameful neglect of you. As always, it’s a grab bag of pop culture, beauty, randomness, and silliness and I want to hear about your own bundles of random goodness too. Share your seasonal favorites with me in the comments, I need all the good things I can get.


Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation

I needed to replace used up foundations this year and hoped to try and find an alternative to my beloved (and expensive) Armani Luminous Silk Foundation at a lower price point. I did this…barely…and discovered a fab new addition to the makeup lineup that isn’t getting quite as much attention as I think it should. This newish foundation is very liquid-y, less viscose than most I’ve tried and yet with very good coverage. Most importantly, it’s one of the best color matches I’ve found for my skin–and when you find that, kittens, you cough up the money and don’t ask too many questions! If you like lighter feeling formulas that can be built up or sheered out based on your preference, I think this is a great contender and can recommend it!


Baume de Rose, By Terry

It’s cold and dark and my lips are chapped. Huzzah for winter! For reasons yet unknown to science, every other lip balm I had to hand suddenly revolted on me and I endured several weeks of what are either the worst chapping I’ve ever had, or some kind of allergic reaction. It took a long time to calm down and left me paranoid about putting anything on the skin around my mouth that didn’t come highly recommended and vetted. Alas for me, this little pot (which is hideously expensive) turned out to be the only thing that didn’t make a flaky and painful situation worse and I’ve been slathering it on since the weather changed. I’m not sure I can recommend it in good conscience given the price, but if you have the money and the need to spend it on something a bit more upscale than Blistex, it’s a very soothing formula. And yes, I’m probably going to repurchase it when I finish the pot…

Chanel Nail Polish in Richness

I only bought three things to “update my wardrobe” for winter this year: one was the beautiful camel coat I actually swapped for, the others were two Chanel nail polishes–the first I’d ever bought from the brand. I’d actually performed a clear out of the small bag that I keep my nail products in as most of them were years old and separated and decided to replace them all with just two shades: an all-purpose, deep red and a near-black, both part of Chanel’s excellent holiday collection. The red is especially beautiful, a brown-y, red-y color that, true to its name, looks expensive and good with everything. It also looks good on every skintone I have seen it used or swatched on! It was a simple way to streamline my beauty cabinet yet further, reduce the waste and wasted space used on expired items, and treat myself for a new season without breaking the bank.

Trick Mirror, by Jia Tolentino

On to books, one fiction and nonfiction. Starting with the latter, this essay collection from Jian Tolentino–a writer with The New Yorker who writes about modern life and experience from a decidedly female and millennial perspective–was a page turner. I admire Tolentino’s writing a great deal, and found her exploration of the strangeness and complexity of life thoughtful and sharp. She seems fairly unflinching in her examinations, especially of herself, and tackles topics such as sexual assault and journalism related thereto, consumerism, and what the internet is doing to all of our brains in both large and deeply personal ways.

Home Fire, by Kamila Shamsie

Without intending to, I seem to have fallen into a theme of adaptations of ancient Greek myths of late! You may remember some previous favorites like The Song of Achilles and Lore Olympus in this vein. I now am thrilled to include this novel which is a haunting take on the Antigone story, with a brilliant twist. The ancient themes of divided loyalties between family, state, piety, and morality are still there but set in modern Britain and the rebellion that divides the famous siblings against the state is the rebellion of their brother in running away to join the Islamic State. It’s beautiful and absolutely devastating. Don’t you dare ruin it for yourself, but the final page will cause you to lose your breath.

FBoL (censored!)

My darling literature lovers and fellow liberal arts majors, gather round the podcasting fire to enjoy this hilarious independent podcast called F**** Bois of Literature. A funny and feminist review of all the characters in literature who we may love, but know in our hearts to be deeply problematic. Tropes and themes, genres and genders, myth and modern masculinity…it’s all on the table and hilariously explored.


Thirst Aid Kit 

A podcast from Slate, this joyous celebration of unabashed thirstiness and horniness is laugh out loud funny, as if you were sitting around with your friends indulging in sheer aesthetic appreciation of the finer specimens of the human form. And (crucially!) it manages to do this in a way that isn’t gross in the slightest. Truly a feat in our day and age!



Still going. Still grateful.


Sweaters you choose to sleep in

Coziness is a much underrated sensation, but it’s one that I actively pursue at this time of year. To that end I purchased a cheapish cashmere sweater whose primary function is only to keep me feel toasty in bed. It’s bougie as hell, but I do not regret this decision at all. Slipping into my sleeping sweater has added a nice little tactile moment to bedtime and I consider it money well spent!


Shearling slippers

See above comment about coziness. My first pair of shearling slippers were worn to a thread and I cheerfully replaced them a few weeks ago for shuffling about the house and keeping toasty. My godmother was the first person who really sold me on specialist foot gear for warmth and snugness by religiously gifting me slip resistant chenille socks for every year I was at university, but these may be an upgrade!

Five Things I Loved in September

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.”
― Heny Rollins

September was a productive but exhausting month for Small Dog Headquarters and the news is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Here is a short list of the things that kept me sane, healthy, and laughing uproariously this month.


Schitt’s Creek

This month, in pop culture that C. is late to! Schitt’s’Creek had been on my list to catch up on for a long time and now I’m kicking myself for how long it took me to get around to it. This is a laugh-out-loud gem of a show! The premise is that a wealthy family loses everything and has to start over in the last asset they own, the eponymous rural Canadian town. Hijinks ensue.  Every single character is perfectly formed and standalone, and the inside jokes and interrelationships layer wonderfully throughout its so-far five seasons. There is apparently going to be a final, sixth season and I hope it wins every comedy award possible. Wacky, earnest, and fundamentally kind while still being extremely funny, it walks a very precise line for entertainment that’s hard to accomplish but very satisfying when pulled off.

The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller

I devoured this retelling of the Trojan War myth in about two sittings and I cannot recommend it enough. The prose is wonderful. Madeline Miller crafts the world of ancient and mythological Greece in such a way that the Homeric legends are presented as present reality to the characters–gods and heroes fully included. It’s not over-glamorized in the way of TV or cinema when they try to depict the “swords and sandals” dramas; the ancient parts feel authentic and gritty. And yet, you aren’t at all surprised when a meddlesome goddess shows up to twist the mortals about, or one of Zeus’ many offspring are referenced. Told from the point of view of Patroclus, a romance grows, set against the backdrop of the west’s most famous war. I’m still to get my hands on Circe, the latest novel by the same author, but I’m more eager than ever to do so.


Grocery Delivery Services

Once again, I have to sing the praises of the very kind gentleman who drops of a box of fruit and veg to my door once a week. When I skipped the service the week before and of our move, I noticed an immediate change in my cooking and snacking habits–for much the worse. Now that it’s back up and running, I’m back to cooking and eating more fresh fruit and veg again and feeling tons better overall. Many urban environments have a lot of these services to choose from, but mine is Able & Cole.


Independent Movie Theatres

In Bermondsey there is a small theatre set behind a cafe and drinks bar off a historic square. It’s got about thirty red leather seats and the general closeness of the space makes it feel more like an over the top home theatre. It’s fantastic! Apparently it’s one of three similar theatres within bars or events spaces, and I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have such a joint in walking distance. We tried for the first time on a date night, but I’m already booking future tickets because not only does the theatre show new releases, it also is a venue for National Theatre broadcasts which show live or filmed viewings of West End productions. It’s a great way to see a show you may not have been able to catch in person.


Burberry Lipstick

An old favorite, but let me endorse the Burberry Lip Velvet in bullet and liquid lipstick form. I’ve started wearing the deep, deep burgundy color Oxblood in both formulas in celebration of the arrival of fall, and it’s the perfect option for anyone looking to feel just a bit witchy as the season changes!

Five Things I Loved in August – Summer Beauty Edition

“The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last for ever. Even on the most beautiful days in the whole year – the days when summer is changing into autumn – the crickets spread the rumor of sadness and change.”
―E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Ducklings, it’s been a hectic August, but there is always time to celebrate the things that bring us joy. I thought I’d mix things up and bring you a bit of a themed batch this month as beauty products and content are things that I use to regularly sooth myself, enhance my life, and add a top of of non-guilty pleasure. All notions perfectly aligned with a summertime salute!

Here is a roundup of my favorite products that have helped me lean into that Hot Girl Summer aesthetic, and all of which get a hearty recommendation from me. Lest you think this is the mad ravings of an ignoramus, don’t worry, I’ve also called in the experts!

The Beauty Podcast with Sali Hughes

I’m kicking off with this latest podcast offering by the great and good Sali Hughes firstly because she’s brilliant, and second because she’s single handedly responsible for two other items on this. With three books under her belt and a solid career in beauty journalism, she is is a professional in a world of mere influencers and my love for her knows no bounds. Her book Pretty Honest is a solid read for anyone looking to navigate the world of grooming and beauty care and in need of a Virgil to lead you through the trickier depths of knowledge. Her In The Bathroom series is a wonderful interview anthology from some of the best writers, personalities, and professionals out there. All that was missing is a podcast and low and behold, Sali delivers! Go forth and shove it into your ears, it’s really good.


Smashbox Look Less Tired Color Corrector – Light

Between months of poor sleep and unfortunate genetics, my dark circles have grown more prominent this year. Unfortunately I also think this is somewhat tied to aging and other factors utterly beyond my control; deep tear grooves and darker under eye coloring has been my lot in life. I’ve never been a heavy foundation or concealer user, preferring thin and fluid coverage that I can build to more coverage where I require it, but as I’ve moved into my 30s I’ve noticed my subconscious layering more and more under eye concealer in an attempt to fight a losing battle. It doesn’t look as natural as I would wish and it took a Sali Hughes column to smack me upside the head with the realization why: I didn’t need a concealer. I needed a color correcter! This super cream pencil in a peachy, salmon-y shade for lighter skintones did the trick nicely and the difference it has made when worn WITH a concealer has been night and day.

Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Booster

Religious as I am about sunscreen (more on that presently), I still have acquired a few freckles and damage patches thanks to our favorite glowing death ball in the sky and my rare but hormonally-driven pimples. Vitamin C is considered one of the best ingredients to help with this hyperpigmentation, though the type and quality is important. As per my vitamin A mention below, there is a lot of bullshit out there so do your reading about what’s effective and what won’t make a difference no matter how much you spend (Into the Gloss has a decent primer) and then read the packing of your products very carefully when looking to pick one out. Paula’s Choice came almost universally recommended from the experts, journalists, and talented amateurs I either follow or know personally. It was a good recommendation, and is helping out with some post spot…er, spots. A very slightly viscose, watery consistency, it’s easily layered with other products for day or night. Especially SPF during the day!

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol Treatment

Yes, ANOTHER Sali Hughes recommendation. I’ve wanted to add a Vitamin A (retinol or retinoid, depending on strength and need for a prescription) to my skincare for a while to help combat some dullness and other issues related to skin cell turnover. There’s a lot of non-scientific bullshit out there when it comes to skincare, so I did quite a bit of reading on retinol options. Lower concentration, gradual results, and available over the counter were all fine by me, but it’s a famously tricky ingredient which can lead sensitive skins to get irritated or even flake/peel. I was looking for an option that came in an oil or cream formula with other ingredients that would help calm any flare ups. Between the ingredient list and the Hughes recommendation, I decided to try it out. I’ve been using it twice a week for over a month–it should take several weeks for most ingredients to have a permanent effect, anything else is just marketing bull–and the results have been slow but noticeable. It’s a pricier tube of goo than most, but it works. Just make sure you wear your sunscreen for the love of chocolate! Which leads me finally to…


Thank You Farmer SPF

Yes, another shout out for my longstanding favorite sunscreen. I’ve converted multiple friends to its use and have no regrets about any of my actions. Japanese and Korean sunscreen is where it’s at, people. I will die on this hill.

Five Things I Loved in July

“If the first of July be rainy weather,
It will rain, more of less, for four weeks together.”
–  John Ray,  English Proverbs 

Well hello there, ducklings. Another month has passed and with another month in 2019 comes another list of things that made good things better and bad things a bit more bearable. Once again I’ve cobbled together a nice batch of things for you to read, listen to, do, and wear on your face–I do it out of love! Tell me your favorite things from the month in the comments, and please don’t stint on book recommendations!


Mint App

I’ve had a Mint account for years, with which I dabbled and used to half heartedly attempt a couple of budget ideas. But it’s only been in the last few months that I’ve really started using budgeting apps and tools to track our money in new ways. I’ve always been pretty good at tracking my spending in isolation, but getting a birds eye view of all of your financial instruments, credit/debit cards, and debt is something I’d recommend to anyone. This is not sponsored in any way (lol, can you imagine?) but Mint’s dashboard is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate–I recommend it to anyone looking to track their financial movements in a regular way. It has its glitches and can sometimes take some time to show specific transactions, but it seems pretty secure overall and the privacy mechanisms seem sound.


How To Fail, With Elizabeth Day

This podcast first came on my radar thanks to a coworker and I’ve inhaled most of the back catalog in greedy gulps. The premise is simple, author and journalist Day interviews guests on the failures of their lives, how they coped with it, and what they learned from it. The “failures” detailed truly span the spectrum and include simple misunderstandings, unforced errors, poor choices, significant misjudgements, honest mistakes, or youthful ignorance. It’s a wonderfully personal and well conducted interview podcast with conversations with people that manage to be incredible self aware and insightful, without coming across as self-indulgent or egotistical. I’m very eager to read the host’s book of the same title now! If you’re looking for something new to listen to, 10 out of 10 C.s recommend!


Museums Mixed with Web Comics: The British Museum and Lore Olympus 

Possibly inspired by taking in the (brilliant) exhibition on manga at the British Museum, I’ve been dipping my toes into the wild world of graphic novels and longer serial cartoons of late. The wonderful things about well constructed educational and cultural heritage exhibitions is that you come away not just with new information but hopefully new skills. The best parts of that exhibit were the elements that taught a newbie like me how to read manga, how the narratives were constructed, and what the wide variety of coded gestures or expressions or ways of rendering characters was meant to convey. My sister (who lives in Japan) is aflutter with recommendations for me! In the meantime, if you’re thinking about trying out a more serialized form of animated story telling, I’ve been enjoying this web cartoon which is a re-imagining and deconstruction of the mythological Kidnapping of Persephone. Updated for the modern era in some ways, but paying hilarious homage to the source materials (especially Hesiod), there’s a lot of the storytelling style and visual cues that I understand better for having gone to that exhibit.


This month we dealt with a record-breaking heatwave, plus the normal fluctuations of the Great British Summer and my skin responded by Freaking. Out. Even typing this I’m still trying to clear up an outbreak of eczema on my face which is making me feel super attractive… The worst of this was that the skin around my mouth has been affected and rather than my normal lipsticks I’ve been reaching for balms and other soothing items to try and keep the irritation to a minimum. But once I got things back to normal, I still kept the lip products fairly light and my most worn item this month has been the Bite Beauty French Press lip gloss in the shade Dirty Chai. I’m not much of a gloss girl but this is the perfect “your lips but better” shade on me, and lends the perfect amount of tint and shine without becoming sticky and unmanageable. Bite continues to make my favorite lip products on the market, whilst also continuing to not ship to the UK. Probably a good thing for my wallet, but devastating for my heart. Thank goodness for friends like X. who are willing to act as my dealer!


John Mulaney Comedy Specials

I’m woefully behind on my reading this month, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of Netflix in general and comedy specials specifically. I watched John Mulaney’s two most recent specials, The Comeback Kid and Kid Gorgeous, back to back and laughed myself silly. Both he and Iliza Shlesinger have been comedians that have resonated lately, not least of all because we’re in the same age bracket. This worries me a bit. I’ve noticed that there are eras to comedy and once you identify with one you tend to get locked in for a while and those comedians are the “voice of your generation,” or whatever. This has led to some troubles of late–see also, the entirety of the Me Too movement. That being said, self-aware and self-deprecating millennials honestly do speak for me so I should probably just go with the flow. If you haven’t watched them yet, do take in Mulaney’s shows. He’s wry and charming, and if you cant enjoy a good laugh in the height of summer–especially when it comes to extended metaphors of hippos and horses, look it up–then I can’t help you.

Five Things I Loved in June

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” 
― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

Happy summer, my treasures. June was another work-heavy month with distressingly little time for merriment, but the tide is turning. Evening sun and good weather is slowly resulting in more after work get togethers, weekend pleasure jaunts in the city, and all around seasonal mood elevation. I’ve not had as much time for pop culture and literature as I would wish, so most of what’s made me happy this month is in the realm of the frivolous. So here’s to June, the month of Aperol Spritz and bronzer.

Share your monthly favorites in the comments and let me know what I should be watching or reading in July. I badly need to catch up on the state of society through something besides the lens of the news.


Pure and Applied Framing

I did a whole post on my love for this wonderful place but it deserves a special shout out again for being such a fun place to shop from. While we’re still not sure if we’ll be in our current apartment in a few months, at least some of my precious prints are protected for hanging or a potential move.


New Glasses

After nearly a decade with the same cheap pair I got for the lowest possible price when living in Utah, I finally got around to replacing my glasses. Heavens, what a difference! I knew I wanted chunky, tortoiseshell frames in the highest nerd-chic style and found several options, but a great trade off between cost and style was Cubbitts. This is British brand very much in the style of Warby Parker in the states, or other artisan brands that have sprung up in recent years. The selection is limited to a few styles in a range of colors, but within that spectrum are some very good options for several kinds of aesthetics. You bring your prescription (or they also offer vision tests if needed), pick your model and color and less than a week later, voila! Highly recommended.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1975 Red

I am on a serious Charlotte Tilbury kick of late, last month I was fixed on one of her nudes, this past month I’ve switched in one of her reds. 1975 Red is another limited edition shade of a few years ago that was actually a birthday present from some lovely former coworkers once upon a time. Lipstick being perishable, it’s the next shade I’m trying to use up rather than allow it to go bad over time and what better season to wear a particularly vibrant orange-red than the high days of summer! I continue to highly recommend the Matte Revolution formula for full coverage pigmentation and comfort. If you’re in the market for a present to yourself, she has some fabulous shades.


Laura Mercier Sun Kissed Veil

This was a birthday present to myself early in the month and has gotten wonderful wear already. A balm style product, it leaves a golden glow with a shimmer that’s frankly a bit too light to be called a bronzer, but produces a beautiful effect. I’ll be the first to stay this is not an ideal product, I think a powder version would be preferable for color and a shimmery balm is a bit difficult to use…but I love it. Every single time I’ve worn it I’ve been asked if I’ve been away on holiday for the weekend or got a bit of sun. In other words, mission accomplished! I will probably not buy something similar again in the future, but I’ve decided to lean into a more glam than usual aesthetic for the summer and so am enjoying this golden glow.


Thank You Farmer SPF

The perennial summer favorite! While we have had a few weird weather days this month (what would the Great British Summer be without the threat of a mini-winter storm?), we’re also in the midst of a heat wave as I type up the final notes on this list. We are in the season when we should be at our most fanatical about suncare, though we should be fanatical about it constantly, and for those who want an elegant solution to SPF that moisturizes and doesn’t leave your face looking or feeling chalky, I once again offer up this brilliant tube for your delectation. I’m on my third so far this year and have no intention of straying, though I also recommend the cult favorite Anthelios line which I also use regularly.