Five Things I Loved In March

Well hey, kittens. If ever there was a time to swap some pop culture or lifestyle suggestions, this is it. Here are the things that got me through March and please please PLEASE send me your favorites because let’s face lots of us have some time to kill!



Granado Nail Polish, in Rita

This was a cheap pickup in Paris from a pharmacy. I find it hard to find the RIGHT shade of true red nail polish – it either skews too pink or blue – but this is it. A vibrant red that perfectly straddles the blue/yellow undertone divide. It also has excellent staying power and nearly lasted a week on me without chipping – unheard of!

Castlevania, on Netflix

I came to this property completely new, I had no experience of the games it was based on or the fandom. But I enjoyed this series immensely! Don’t be misled by it’s animation status, it’s definitely adult themed in terms of violence and sex, but if that doesn’t put you off – enjoy! The voice acting talent is phenomenal and the characters are wonderfully portrayed – even and perhaps especially the bad ones. And refreshing in the fantasy genre, there are all kinds of female characters including breathtakingly competent and powerful ones. Even MORE refreshingly, it isn’t a subject of discussion within the show so much as it’s a matter of fact. If after the disappointment of Game of Thrones (yes, I’m still bitter) and the fun of The Witcher you’re craving a new fun/dark/sexy/funny fantasy, I recommend.

Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman

If anything comes out of this horrible series of circumstances in the world right now, it might be a willingness to experiment and push back on what we have too long declared “the way things are.” At least, I’m choosing to be optimistic. From taxation to civic mindedness to investment in the arts…society isn’t a business and for the love of god, let’s stop trying to run it as one. This is a short book, summarizing research and experiments run on a number of topics, and explains the historical progression of ideas and ideologies. Well worth a read, whatever your political persuasion.


Burberry Lip Velvet lipstick in Military Red

Ah March, the month of remote working and multiple video conference calls. We may be fully dressed, we may be in yoga pants, but we’re all visible from the neck up. The lipstick I’ve been reaching for to cope is this glorious, vibrant red (which coincidentally pairs beautiful with my nail polish recommendation). Already feeling a bit run down or sloppy? I cannot recommend a red lip enough.


In Our Time, BBC podcast

Let famed historian Melvyn Bragg and guests dive deeply into a topic for in an hour or less. Whether profound philosophy, scientific discovery, Roman poetry, or gamechangers of history, it’s an excellent podcast to plug in while cooking, working, or just taking a break.

3 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved In March”

  1. I love that your list includes a red lip and nails…my toes are that color right now. We all need a hit of something PRETTY.

    That book looks really interesting as well.

    I actually put on real clothes this morning — for a dr’s appointment (non COVID)…and will accessorize now with a N-95 mask and gloves. Ugh but necessary.

    I’ve decided to massively reduce my time on Twitter (my anxiety is spiking) and more on Insta for gorgeous wildlife images from around the world and elegant table settings and gorgeous shoes that even on sale are pricey….but tempting!

    I want all of them and did splurge last month on her driving moccasin — in gold leather.

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