Five Things I Loved in December

The last month of the year draws to a close, ducklings, and as always, I have a short list of the things that made the bleak midwinter a bit less bleak.

As always, please share your favorite things from the month in the comments!

Knives Out

What a joy this film was! It’s that rare thing that manages to hit all the tropes of its genre while still being fresh and original. Every single actor and respective character is perfectly formed, and the ensemble together is fantastic. You can tell that everyone working on this project just had so much fun doing it–who knew Daniel Craig could do comedy noir this well?! Much has been written on the costuming (if there was an Oscar for knitwear….) but the entire design of the movie is a visual feast from the sets to the cinematography. I can’t remember enjoying a movie as much in a long time. If you love murder mysteries of any stripe, and appreciate a good love letter to the genre istelf, it is not to be missed.


Glossier FutureDew

Much as I love the brand, I looked at this product askance when it first dropped. A sheer, oil/serum hybrid designed to make you look shiny… Surely only twenty year olds with already perfect skin could use such a thing, right? Well, shut my mouth. I tried it at Glossier’s London pop up in Covent Garden and was shocked at how much I liked the look and feel of it on my skin! It isn’t classified as makeup and provides no coverage beyond a touch of blurring luminosity, but when combined with concealer produces a lovely “fresh face.” I’ve used it almost every day since purchase.

Cowboy Bebop

We went on a winter break pop culture binge and one of the areas Jeff is undertaking to enlighten me is the world of anime. He recommended this cult classic series and I mainlined it! It’s a very difficult series to describe as it’s a mashup of science fiction, film noir, and western genres and tropes but the final blend is a standalone story that is wholly unique. I’m very new to this stuff, but if anyone can recommend other anime series they think I’d like based on this, please send them my way. Jeff’s already got a couple lined up, but a girl can’t ever have too many!

Flannel Sheets

We finally bought these after talking about it for years…and what a great decision it was! We first experienced these at Jeff’s parents’ house and it was a gamechanging experience for winter. It wasn’t expensive in the slightest, we just grabbed some brushed cotton version from John Lewis on a Black Friday sale. If thus far your 2019 has been insufficiently cozy, try adjusting your bedding.

Anti Anxiety Medication

Whew, let’s talk about this one, ducklings. In what is becoming a bit of a theme for longtime readers, this is another area where I have waited too long to get help that in retrospect I clearly needed years ago. In fact, the conversation with my doctor went something along the lines of, “So the last six years have involved cross-Atlantic immigration, freelancing and toxic jobs, career changes, financial stress, religious faith collapse, and the personal strains that all the above entails. Here are all the lifestyle changes I’ve made to try and manage and many have helped, but I’ve hit a wall and here are all the things that aren’t getting better in my mental health (in fact, a few are getting worse). I think I’ve let this go on way too long and I think I need additional medical help to cope.”
Quoth my doctor, in essence, “Girl, you think?!”

I’ve only been on it for a month, but I’m feeling much more emotionally stable and in control of my own brain than I have in at least two years. LEARN FROM MY FAIL, ASK FOR HELP IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED IT.

10 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved in December”

  1. The animes that I am most excited for you to see:
    “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” — a short, exquisitely crafted “magical girl” anime (do you remember any of Sailor Moon?) that’s prepared to be taken very seriously, and tastes best with no spoilers.

    “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” — This one’s longer. Epic, even. Sci-fi/fantasy with a humanist philosophical bent. I bet Jeff already has it on his list for you. =)

  2. SO glad to hear you have some help with this!

    I hate to disagree…did not love Knives Out.

    I DID love 63 Up, part of Michael Apted’s ongoing series.

    What else? That was a whole month ago! (not even.) The Glossier product sounds really interesting.

    I loved the apple walnut cake and orange/cranberry muffins I made — both excellent!

    I loved reading for pleasure, which I so rarely do, read All The Light We Cannot See and (ironic timing) Argo.

    I am LOVING the gorgeous/comfortable low-heel/pointed toe black suede boots I bought in September in Toronto. They upgrade everything ($248 Canadian; $200 U.S.)

  3. an addendum — I saw 2 excellent plays at the end of December, Pumpgirl (at the Irish rep theater) and The Sound Inside, on Broadway, with Mary Louise Parker, a two-hander. For $47 I had 2nd row balcony seating. Fantastic!

    1. What a steal! I’m trying to ensure we get back into our theatre and shows habit again, our lives were much more enjoyable when we ACTUALLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE AMAZING CITY WE LIVE IN.

      1. I imagine (?) London has similar ways to access cheap tickets; we belong here to TDF thanks to Jose’s union membership through the NYT.

        I’ve always gotten great seats and never paid more than $50 for one through their service. It’s really random; you just have to hope! I end up often seeing 2 or 3 pieces within a few days. I STILL haven’t seen a few shows I badly want to, but won’t pay full fare. Oddly (?) you can see ballet and opera less expensively than Broadway ($80-130/ticket versus up to $300+).

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