April Moodboard

This month, we’re indoors. We’re dressing comfortably (but not sloppily – unless that’s your thing, in which case GO FORTH. I support you!). We’re caffeinating to our eyeballs. We’re baking and cooking and propagating our houseplants to grown an indoor jungle.

I don’t care how basic any of this makes me, it’s all soothing. The last weeks of March were a riot of activity and, as I’ve previously blogged, I’m very worried that this month will hit a lot of people (including myself) harder as the slowdown really starts to impact people beyond the frontline. To be clear, the frontline are all the worker across all the sectors and industries who have mobilized against this – everything from doctors and nurses to truck drivers and grocery store workers. All of them are rightfully deserving of applause (and ALSO living wages, healthcare, benefits and unions where they don’t already exist). They deserve more than claps in a time of crisis, they deserve support and respite in peace and prosperity.

And, given that this is the month that the more fortunate privileged will start to feel a bite, we may have a chance to work and vote for it. As obnoxious as it is, it’s often when the privileged feel or are affected that the changes and causes long championed by others begin to grow roots. People will be furloughed or made redundant, businesses will have to rethink ways of working not just in the immediate future but perhaps permanently. We can be annoyed or petulant about this, or we can USE IT.

So rest up, kittens. Do the work you have and start thinking about the work and life you also want to have. If you’re lucky, you have a window to take steps in that direction. If you’re moral, you’ll think about how to smooth the way for those who find it more difficult.

Season of renewal indeed.

6 thoughts on “April Moodboard”

  1. Well said.

    This is revealing how utterly incompetent much political leadership has been (especially in the U.S.) and how capitalism is so predatory — always sort of abstract for the more privileged. Not now.

    If this ever ends, I really wonder how much of its rotten foundations will have been destroyed.

  2. Dressing comfortably, caffeinating and baking — yes! I just treated myself to an Italian moka pot and a new pair of bamboo leggings from Thought (ethical, high-quality clothing at a very reasonable price). And this weekend I’m going to try baking vegan chocolate cookies for the first time. Hopefully they turn out well!

    Unfortunately, I heard today that the furlough process has started at my company. I’m safe, but it’s sobering to see it happen to my colleagues. 😦

    I do hope that some good comes out of this situation, and that the world doesn’t revert back to the ‘same old, same old’ ways after it’s over.

    1. Very interested in your baking adventures, let me know if the recipes work out. We’ve started furloughing staff as well, at we’re starting at about 20% of our entire workforce…it’s sobering.

      Like you, my hope is that going back to “the way things were” isn’t an option. AND that we avoid the unnecessary human cost of that change. I believe in my soul that it doesn’t need to happen.

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