A Ramen Break

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
― Orson Welles

I am not a huge ramen fan…unless it is made by Bone Daddies. The same group behind one of my favourite fun food joints, Flesh and Buns, Bone Daddies recently set up what appears to be a semi-permanent pop up in arches along Old Jamaica Road. Which happens, handily, to be within easy walking distance of us.

 photo bone1_zpsyhmanlkf.jpg

Various sections of train arches throughout London are undergoing some development these days. They’ve always been used as shopfronts of various types, but lately they are serving as venues for markets, restaurants, bars, and concept shops of a slightly more eclectic and upscale style. And not in a snobby way in the slightest. The results have been a lot of dis- or underused areas turning into genuine foodie or lifestyle hubs. We seek them out shamelessly.

 photo bone2_zpsss4tk22w.jpg

Bonus husband objectification, but the real prize…

 photo bone3_zpscpjlfnf5.jpg

…is the food. As usual.

If you’re south of the river, it’s definitely worth a look in!

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