Weekend Links

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
― Albert Einstein

Truncated weekend due to a day in the office so here are your links for the weekend, quick and dirty! I’m off to wring the last dregs of delight out of Sunday evening.

2016-02-25 15.40.37-1

I’m a fan of Everlane so this is interesting news.

Fantastic interview at The Lifestyle Edit with a go getting girl!

It’s been a long week. Let’s enjoy some baby elephants who think they are puppies.

That bad of a week, you say? Here, have another cute animal story!

Right up our collective alley, kittens.

House of Cards is back, let’s discuss the footwear of Claire Underwood and its significance.

It was International Women’s Day this week, here’s some photo inspiration and a bonus piece in Esquire by the uniformly fabulous and funny Caitlin Moran. Language and content warning, obviously. It’s Caitlin.

Now that the final episodes of Downton Abbey have aired stateside (gorgeous soap opera…failed utterly to live up to its potential…), have a read about the origins of the “tragic gay suicide” trope and why it’s important to show real diversity of real stories. Because it in turns shows real diversity of outcomes to lives lived.


With my 30th birthday approaching (fingers crossed we can make a trip to New York work to celebrate!), I really loved this article from The Muse about things you don’t have to have figured out by that date. Wonderfully refreshing and actually useful.

Podcasting and Youtubing are two mediums that I love, admire, and wish I had some more practical knowledge about. I’d love to try creating content in either for many reasons, not least of which is that both are platforms full of a lot of generous creators who share a ton of knowledge about their respective crafts (videography, editing, writing, collaboration, etc.) for free. There are also a lot of examples of creative generosity, one of which happened this week in which a vlogger posted a vid about a project he had been working on the subject of which was unintentionally scooped by CPG Grey, and wondering whether or not it was worth releasing his own work now that someone else had tackled the topic. To which CPG Grey released an open letter vid encouraging him to do so, bolstered by a heartening wave of supportive commentators, and talking honestly about the desire to create, the need to be unique, and the perils of a world where it’s next to impossible to have an original thought to talk about.

I own about half a dozen. Seriously.

Have a read and take a scroll through.

This short video about the world’s oldest family business is surprising, beautiful to watch, and just a little bit heartbreaking.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Love the ryokan video!

    Claire’s shoes….OUCH. I hate them and the way she walks in them. If she was truly powerful, she could wear whatever she pleased, right?

    Like the Refinery29 staffer. Lots of good advice in there.

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