Friday Links (Back in the Saddle Again Edition)

“There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.”
-Vivienne Westwood

It’s been good to be back at work again, but still an adjustment! All the same I’ve been working on a new client project, scouting for even more work, and recapping recent adventures with delight. Not a bad first week back to the grindstone. This weekend I’m going to see a new exhibit at the British Museum about witches in honor of the season, hopefully develop some pitches, and clean the house…which is fearsome to behold, trust.

Here are your links, add anything worth reading in the comments and let me know what you’re getting up to yourselves.

h/t to my friend Chris whose company and technology worked on this.

Fall is here and that means layers. I’ll take some of these.

xoVain is one of my favorite beauty sites. Though some of their pieces are misses for me, I enjoy the overall tone of the site great and delightfully BS free, and the comment community is downright magnificent. But this piece, by my favorite writer of theirs, should be required reading for teenage girls. Or anyone interested in makeup, for that matter.

Interesting, interesting story.

I’ve followed this scholar for a while, but I’m always thrilled to reintroduce his delightful finds!

HELL, no.

h/t to Jessica for this trove of formerly black and white photos, which you all know I can never resist.

A frightening but helpful piece on the timeline and spread of the Ebola outbreak.

Humans are magnificent.

Intrepid friend Janssen of Everyday Reading had her first piece with Conde Nast Traveler, congratulations!

It’s odd what transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, but still pretty fascinating.

Jeff is an odd man. His culinary aspirations are modest at best, but every once in a while he gets this Big Plan to make something Truly Impressive. Irritatingly enough, it always turns out delicious. His latest scheme is this, though I’m taking bets he’ll balk.

“God” weighs in. (The quotation marks alone in this story get me.)

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