Cambridge Part 3: King’s College

“Cambridge was a joy. Tediously. People reading books in a posh place. It was my fantasy. I loved it. I miss it still.”
– Zadie Smith

King’s College is the jewel in the Cambridge crown. It’s a glorious Early Modern architecture find with the imprint of the Tudors all over it, and the chief attraction is the chapel. The spires dominate the whole city and in good weather (which we had, because the weekend gods were kind) the composition just gleams.

 photo kings1_zpsa4d29964.jpg

When Mum was a student we could get into the chapel for free. So when I was on “study abroad,” and therefore dashing home on weekends with armfuls of friends in tow for home cooked meals and general Rodgers clan entertaining, we’d wander through it before trotting down to the Cam to be punted along the river by attractive male students in various degrees of shirtless-ness. Memories.

This visit was much more dignified. I adore the chapel for another reason: it’s choir. Come Christmas time, they dominate the both my iPod and Spotify and I wander around in a state of perpetual fuzzy holiday bliss.

 photo kings2_zps019ab892.jpg

That fan vaulted ceiling at one point was the wonder of Britain. Architecture nerd fact.

 photo kings3_zps3ebbabff.jpg

 photo kings4_zps88a2715f.jpg

 photo kings10_zpsa230f178.jpg

We took our time going over every nook and cranny of the chapel and I found many delightful elements I hadn’t noticed before.

 photo kings5_zps2641279d.jpg

Like the greyhound on the right, which looks like it’s judging us.

Afterwards we wandered down to the river a bit and circumnavigated the grounds. The weather has taken a sharp turn for the chilly this week but up until then, this summer and early fall have been absolutely glorious and the gardens have lasted much longer than usual.

 photo kings6_zpsabf3ae16.jpg

 photo kings7_zpse3a17589.jpg

 photo kings8_zpsd3d1bd32.jpg

 photo kings9_zps71ee5f92.jpg

 photo kings11_zps21145d92.jpg

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