Friday Links

“Friday’s a free day.”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

It’s Friday, ducklings, of the TGI variety. It’s been an up and down sort of week, but mostly ending on an up. I got some supremely nice emails after my post about self care as a freelancer, which was lovely, and have carved out some time for friends and museums this weekend. Like tea, both are tonic to the soul. Now if my Kindle and laptop could both stop acting as electronics possessed, all would be right with the world. Here are your links, share anything worth knowing in the comments, and tell me what you’re getting up to this weekend. As a gentle reminder to stateside minions, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday – ring your mums!

 photo cat_zps35f2e5d2.jpg

If the internet has taught us nothing, it’s that cats are a balm. Here’s the Spitalfields City Farm feline resident to do pre-weekend duty.

If ever you need to turn down a marriage proposal like a bad ass, Charlotte Bronte is here to guide you. Also I want to read this book.

Friend and fellow Shakespeare-course-taught-by-a-man-actually-named-William-Shakespeare veteran Amanda gets a h/t for this share. Number 8 gets an enthusiastic clap from me.

All I’m saying is that there are some parallels

This 16 year old’s school project is pretty nifty!

I leave this vital matter in your hands: which of these Victorian words and phrases will we reintroduce first? Cast your votes, minions, this is incredibly important.

My friend Katarina currently works for Colonial Williamsburg while I volunteer at the Franklin House, and a number of 18th century American History themed emails/texts pass between us. Most recently she sent me this magnificent thing which I’ll just leave right here.

The very idea of shopping for a place to live permanently someday terrifies me. This tumblr find of the week, doesn’t help.

Excellent public health news, h/t Annette.

MOAR cute animals, you demand? This gifset made me laugh.

I like the Wall Street Journal’s regular piece Work Wear, detailing what different offices’ work styles are. This week features NPR and it’s a bit odd to put fashion styles to people I mostly know through faceless voices.

Interesting tool! Both Katie and Adam, and Chris and Nikki (couple friends of ours) are moving to San Francisco, one of The Girls just moved to New York City, I moved to London…we’re a mobile bunch these days. But how do cities compare for COLA?

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