Night Walk On The Thames

“London, thou art the flower of cities all! Gemme of all joy, jasper of jocunditie”
-William Dunbar

I live three minutes away from the Thames via leisurely stroll (which technically forfeits my right to complain about anything ever). Not only is the pretty great in and of itself, but the Thames is a fascinatingly historic river in a fascinatingly historic city. Come wandering with me this week as I show you a bit of the fantastic history within twenty minutes of my flat.

Today, a late night amble with few words to get in the way.

 photo nightwalk1_zps55b1d174.jpg
St Paul’s after dark.
 photo nightwalk2_zpse1402e21.jpg
Blackfriars Bridge puts on a light show.
 photo nightwalk3_zpsa54ec854.jpg
The view out of the front door of Jeff’s office. We hate him, yes?
 photo nightwatch4_zps43fb3ad9.jpg
Tower Bridge lit up for your pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Night Walk On The Thames”

  1. I used to live 5min from the Thames (my home is still there but I am not!) and your post really made me miss it!

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