Sunday In the Park With Katie Pt. 1

“London is on the whole the most possible form of life.”
― Henry James, The Complete Notebooks of Henry James

Katie and Adam are about to jet off to the next stage of his business program in San Francisco, but luckily we get to keep them for a while longer now that they’re back from Paris. Since it had been a few weeks since our last gossip session, weekend Katie and I met up in Camden to explore the lock and markets.
 photo sun1_zps6a44bc1e.jpg

Which turned into food introductions (Katie met bubble teas for the first time, they clearly hit it off).

 photo sun2_zpse291a6f0.jpg

Which turned into a wander along the canal.
 photo sun3_zpscbc3d50c.jpg

Which turned into a quick hike up Primrose Hill, for one of the best views in London.
 photo sun4_zpsef2500de.jpg

 photo sun5_zpsf5d388f2.jpg

Which turned into a long ramble in Regent’s Park…which is going to get it’s own post because it was stunning.

Let me tell you, as far as weather goes, when London gets it right, London gets it right! Spring has officially arrived. Outdoor vendors are selling Pimms by the pitcher, the city denizens are hauling lawn chairs up and down slopes to replenish their Vitamin D stores, and puppies are everywhere.

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