The Most Impressive Street Burger You Will Ever Meet

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.”
― Erma Bombeck

I mentioned that we took Caitlin to the Southbank Real Food Market, a delicious weekend affair that absolutely everyone should try. It’s not a large event, but it’s dang impressive.
 photo sbcfood7_zps89e95f5d.jpg

Don’t mind if I do. But we really should retire this particular meme, I feel.

 photo sbcfood6_zps1d48b3ad.jpg

Why yes, that was a whole hog.

 photo sbcfood5_zps0bf1dfd0.jpg

Say wha?

We wandered through stalls looking for something to tempt each of us. Jeff, who lived in South Korea for a couple of years, gave  into his curiosity at Koritto and Caitlin was swayed by the aromatic siren call of fresh pasta, but something altogether more involved moved me.
 photo sbcfood1_zps7d24fd7b.jpg

Maybe I was still on a Paris high, but this sign caught my eye…

 photo sbcfood2_zpsb1532438.jpg

…before this one won my heart…

 photo sbcfood3_zps31e5c527.jpg

…followed closely by this cheeky gentleman.

 photo sbcfood4_zps3751ca97.jpg

Roasted duck meat, flavored with duck crackling, topped with blue cheese and truffle honey mixed together as they melted on the grill, on a bed of rocket, with a homemade horseradish spread. That picture above is purposefully floaty and vague to better imply the gourmand deliciousness of that concoction. All minions crashing at our flat in the near future will be summarily marched to the South Bank and obliged to ingest.

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