Friday Links (Nevermind, I’m In Paris Edition)

“When good Americans die, they go to Paris.”
― Oscar Wilde

What I week! On the one hand, there’s been large degrees of stress and late nights, and doing my best to develop new schedules and positive habits to get me through what promises to be three crazy months. I’ve also have a few doses of emotional wringing and exhaustion and one or two genuinely dark patches due to some cultural issues.

But on the other, I started some volunteer work at the Benjamin Franklin House Museum which I’m outrageously happy about, I’m working on some hugely exciting freelance projects launching next month, plus as many of you read this we’re on a train to Paris for the weekend to play with Katie and Adam, I believe that means that in spite of the occasional harumph, everything’s coming up Milhouse!

I’ll be back next week with updates from our Parisian jaunt. Plus on Sunday check back for a tale of tacos and my first real invitation to a notable shindig. In the mean time, here are your links and let me know what you’re up to this weekend in the comments. And do, for the sake of the minion coterie, link to anything that we need to know about!

 photo preview_zpsa00e0f2e.jpg
All will become clear on Sunday. I’d try to be cryptic, but it’s hard with that graphic.

Irreverent, yes. Pearl-clutchers avoid. But I’m surprised to admit that Putin wins this catwalk.

Big news from the realm of theoretical physics this week. The math is beyond my understanding, but I’ve been hooked on studying more about the history, science, and theories of spacetime and universal origins after watching the series Fabric of the Cosmos a few years ago. It’s on youtube, start here.

Books that end in the middle of a

If you’re in need of a rather judgey (but sometimes wholly accurate) t-shirt to wear out and about, may I recommend this one?

Speaking of t-shirts, this article about the rise of Fast Fashion – something I’ve personally done my level best to swear off entirely since reading a book on the subject a couple of years ago – is well worth the read. h/t Xarissa.

The headline of the week might sound like an existential crisis but it isn’t.

Oddly haunting photos of an abandoned cinema in the most unexpected place.

Do you need some affirmations in your life, care of a late 80’s cartoon? The internet is here to oblige you. (Also, when Jeff showed this to me, he told me the story of how he had a He-Man sword in childhood and how he used to hold it aloft and yell, “I have the power!” while running about having imaginary adventures. He followed up with, “Which, in retrospect probably wasn’t a great thing for a little while boy to be saying.”)

And if you wrong us, do we not revenge?

Nearly two decades out of childhood and I still love dinosaurs. Also, “chicken from hell” needs to be a band name.

Friend and friend of the blog, journalist Caitlin Kelly is on a rather amazing assignment in Nicaragua at the moment and her posts on her trips really are wonderful – go see what’s she’s doing!

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    1. Goodness yes, in fact I’ll amend to include your Nicaraguan trip in the post itself – I had planned on it, but I’m afraid it slipped my mine in finalizing this post (…at 1am due to packing).

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