Generator London Relaunch

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.”
― Ray Bradbury

On Thursday I was invited to attend the relaunch party of Generator London hostel. That’s right, I was on the guestlist. I’ve arrived, kittens.

 photo GenXLDN6_zpsa30bcb4c.jpg

And in case you think this sounds a bit of a strange launch, let me tell you, this place knows how to throw a party! Open bars, signature cocktails, and some seriously impressive taco canapes. DJs, live bands, mingling, oh my!
 photo GenXLDN2_zpsf5c2b2df.jpg

That might be the most British concoction I’ve ever seen in my life. As for the food!
 photo GenXLDN3_zpsd38cfc5a.jpg
 photo GenXLDN1_zps50c7add1.jpg

My favorite was the chicken, I wasn’t even subtle about trailing a server at one point to get at them.

The relaunch follows a year of redesign work to upgrade the property and better manage their room space – no small feat. I’ve been through a number of hostels and this is by far the nicest I’ve seen in recent memory.
 photo GenXLDN4_zps78d139cf.jpg

The design feel is supposed to be easy, fun, casual, urban, and the tiniest bit silly. Mission accomplished. The floor levels are all inspired by the highest of British character inspiration, Ali G you’ll notice has the place of honor. Each floor contained original spray painted artwork of phrases, figures, and allusions, and inspiration from each of the floor themes and I had quite a bit of fun wandering through the halls to find them.
 photo GenXLDN5_zps0618e7f9.jpg

The Bond floor was probably my favorite, because who doesn’t want to be greeted by a gun-and-martini-wielding stick figure, but minions know there was one floor I had to visit…
 photo GenXLDN8_zps15a67015.jpg
 photo GenXLDN9_zps92cfd97a.jpg
 photo GenXLDN10_zps7a0cdd60.jpg

I found a PR person who was willing to take me on a tour of the upgrades and give me the details. This place boasts over 800 beds, and it’s not even their largest property!
 photo GenXLDN7_zps926ec4bf.jpg

Her name is Antonia and she’s a doll! We chatted about travel and she told me about the other Generator properties in Europe, including an upgrade in Paris that will house 1000 beds. My mind can’t even consider the laundry requirements. She even let me peek into the new rooms and snap a few shots.
 photo GenXLDN11_zpscc9d4254.jpg

This is one of about twenty two person rooms, most contain four beds divided between two bunks. Each bed has a metal and padlocked storage bin to store beneath it large enough to fit an American sized suitcase (saying something…countrymen, we do not acquit ourselves well when it comes to “packing light” by European standards), and the walls are painted in geometric patterns of bright custard yellow, turquoise, charcoal and cheerful red. Like most hostels, the bathrooms and showers are communal; unlike most hostels I’ve been in, there are multiple on every floor!

The property itself used to be a police building (I just can’t get away from police stations, I must accept my fate!) and so the facade has been preserved to reflect it’s history, but I think they’ve done a good job of upgrading the space. Aside from the night I spent in a haunted castle turned hotel in Ireland, this might be the most fun I’ve ever had in a hostel. Speaking of…
 photo GenXLDN12_zps81b8b7b0.jpg

I was down my plus one, since Jeff was in Peterborough, but I popped into the photobooth anyway to grab a souvenir for my beloved corkboard. Add it to the tacos and it was a great night all around, I’m so glad Generator invited me for my first real [re]launch party. I’m quite official these days, ducklings.

 photo photobooth_zps380fbefd.jpg

6 thoughts on “Generator London Relaunch”

    1. I concur with your taco rankings (and think that taco rankings should be a sport. I nominate you and me as judges in perpetua). Next launch!

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