This Past Sunday, Pt. 2: Every Other Market Imaginable

“Your own exploration therefore has to be personalized; you’re doing it for yourself, increasing your own store of particular knowledge, walking your own eccentric version of the city. ”
― Geoff Nicholson, The Lost Art of Walking

I initially went to Spitalfields thinking it was just one new area to explore for a morning before finding something else to do. I’m thrilled to admit how wrong I was.
 photo Sunday1_zps64409eb9.jpg

It turned out to be a several hour wander through East London since the Spitalfields Market, it turns out, rather bled into the Brick Lane Market. Which in turn fed into some other markets, which sort of carried over into bric-a-brac stalls lining whole streets, which wended their way through impromptu sales that merchants and shop owners threw up to take advantage of the crowds.
 photo Sunday2_zps5d46f176.jpg

In the the end I basically threaded my way through official and unofficial markets – selling everything from some of the choicest garments on the planet to piles of rusting bike parts – all the way from Spitalfields to Columbia Road before finally hopping on the Overground and heading home late in the afternoon.
 photo Sunday3_zpsab6e66d1.jpg

The smells of every kind of cuisine and street food blended into live music from buskers and performers. There were stunning and interesting things to explore around every corner. Even most grumpy of winter-weary Brits were awash with goodwill everywhere I went.
 photo Sunday4_zps01b6a6a4.jpg

It was the perfect first weekend of Spring.
 photo Sunday5_zpsb1c85b33.jpg

3 thoughts on “This Past Sunday, Pt. 2: Every Other Market Imaginable”

  1. I love the Brick Lane area. Nick and I went back in December and had hot salt beef beigels for brunch as we strolled through the market. They were super delish and I can’t praise them enough!

    1. Those sound divine. I purposefully ate breakfast at home and didn’t bring money so I wouldn’t be tempted by all the food stalls. It backfired horribly. I found myself staring at many and debating how horrible jail would be if I just swiped a plateful!

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