Friday Links (Big Plans Edition)

“The life of the professional writer – like that of any freelance, whether she be a plumber or a podiatrist – is predicated on willpower. Without it there simply wouldn’t be any remuneration, period.”
– Will Self

Another big week on the freelancing front, kittens. I got a position as a part time volunteer on the marketing staff of a museum (supporting cultural heritage and gaining new skills, win win!), I’m building some long term plans that are getting me more excited about finances than I’ve been in a while, I’m working on some fun and challenging projects that are stretching me in new ways, and I might have the opportunity to become a contributor to some really stellar platforms. Last evening I went to a networking event that I’ll talk about more later this weekend, and met some really impressive people including other current and wannabe freelancers, and I’ve found some new publications to approach.

In other news, we had a misadventure with banking and British bureaucracy, we worked out an extension deal with our landlady so we have a place to live for another year (clutches self a little to think that six months have already flown by), next weekend we’re going to Paris, and I’m looking forward to a steady stream of friends and visitors starting in April that already making me giddy with excitement.

That’s me. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend in the comments and link to anything else of note that the minion coterie should be made aware of!

 photo ColumbiaRoad1_zpsa5aa1aa5.jpg

Someday I’ll add “lady adventurer” to my list of accomplishments. In the the meantime, Stylist rounded up some of the ones you should know about.

My sister-in-law is a mother of two and a living with Cystic Fibrosis. Her health has had peaks and troughs but she is a tireless campaigner for CF research, here’s a chance to learn more about her goal for this year and support her.

I cannot be the only online writer who has had a learning curve in making/using images for their blog/site, right? Here’s a handy tool for the similarly bemused.

In New York City and in need of a cry? Tumblr has you covered.

18th century gear we need to bring back!

How valuable is Twitter for you? I mean literally?

Most downloaded books by state – and I think we can all just breathe a sigh of relief that certain tomes (cough 50 Shades of Grey cough) have had their moment and moved on. Mostly. It is being turned into a film. Drat.

Oh holy hell, this is how society ends, people! When we start outsourcing even basic affection!

I really appreciated the feedback I got on my post about the #BanBossy campaign, and clearly the conversation around it is continuing. Here’s a good critical piece from Elle about whether this effort accomplishes meaningful change or not that’s worth the read. I deal in words, I think changing language absolutely matters, but it’s true that just changing words doesn’t accomplish legal or legislative changes that need to happen.

You guys, this caused major marital discontent last night – but what else can you expect when asked to choose between Doc Brown and Dr. Frazier Crane?!

Great news for American Public Libraries!

Oh, I see. The key to having a stunningly decorated home is to Know A Guy.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links (Big Plans Edition)”

  1. I love that pocket globe! The notion of carrying the world is such an interesting one…

    Congrats on the museum gig; that will be a great way to build skills and confidence.

    You do NOT need access to Nate Berkus to make your home gorgeous! Head to the library and start reading design books (like Terence Conran’s) and design mags — the UK ones are fantastic (better than American, by far) and subscribe to a few design blogs, like Apartment Therapy. A gorgeous home, like a great wardrobe, is a mix of color, texture, pattern, time periods (i.e. vintage and contemporary) and scale (i.e. a few large pieces, a few small ones.) It can feel overwhelming, but photos of great rooms will help a lot.

    1. I love the comparison of a home to a wardrobe, that’s an idea I can visualize much better! Now that we know we’re definitely going to have more time in this flat – ideally we want to stay until the end of Jeff’s training contract at least – we feel like we can invest a bit more effort into it.

      Thanks for the congrats, I’m excited to work at the museum (Benjamin Franklin House, right next to Trafalfar Square) and work on some of their big ideas projects. It’s also going to be a great tool for managing my time more efficiently as well – I haven’t been quite busy enough in some ways lately and this will help tremendously as well as be a lot of fun I hope!

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