Friday Links (C’mon Vogue! Edition)

“Vogue always did stand for people’s lives. I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”
– Diana Vreeland

My last day at Red, and it’s been an absolute blast – I have a fun post for you coming on Monday about my adventures, never fear. In the meantime I’m finishing up my projects and enjoying the office atmosphere as London Fashion Week kick off today, the BAFTA’s prep starts as well, and other things converge into a massive swarm of work frenzy. Of all the days to wind up a work experience, this is a good one. Here are your links, tell me what you’re up to this weekend!

Really glad to have been able to work here, it's been an adventure!
Really glad to have been able to work here, it’s been an adventure!

First of all, it’s Valentines Day – do something lovely with people you like. And if you’re in Florida and you need a last minute reservation, got you covered.

Someone has taken one of my favorite things Ira Glass has ever said and turned it into this. Thoughts for all of us.

One of my London friends, freelance graphic artist Teri, routinely puts out some seriously charming freebies on her site. Her most recent a Spring-y but modern graphic wallpaper is gorgeous.

Were I an heiress, perhaps one of those fabulous types portrayed by the cinema in the 30s, I’d definitely need something (that was not a servant) to hold my gloves from time to time. This would do nicely.

This would make a gorgeous, alternative wedding dress.

Blog find of the week, tales of a woman selling theatre tickets in the West End. I’m pretty sure we should be friends in real life.

Some of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

If you want to see our particular foundational drippings in the primordial soup we all started as, Emily Graslie (my STEM lady crush) of The Brain Scoop has got you covered.

The pinnacle of porcine fabulousness is getting hitched in Vivienne Westwood – working at a magazine leads one to discover the oddest headlines.

The NFL may soon draft it’s first openly gay player, this newscaster hits the nail on the head discussing it and any “controversy” surrounding it. Bravo.

Here’s one to chew on: American media rolling in the gleeful angstfest of complaining about conditions in Sochi might say more about them and betray our own privilege more than it embarrasses Russia. Dirty water, unsafe conditions, unreliable transportation…that’s not entertainment, that’s a large portion of the human race’s reality.

Kid employes Game Theory in Jeopardy. Fascinating!

Turns out, having a “good side,” is a real thing. It’s amazing the amount of differences in the sides of our faces.

One thought on “Friday Links (C’mon Vogue! Edition)”

  1. Love the Edwardian wedding dress. For my first wedding, I wore a day dress from about 1905. It was lovely and comfortable and looked perfect — also cost pennies compared to any new wedding dress. (Very few women actually look very nice in white anyway!) For my second wedding, I wore a bias-cut dress from Ghost, one of my fave British lines.

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