Friday Links

“Love doesn’t think like that. All right, it’s blind as a bat–‘
‘Bats have radar. Yours doesn’t seem to be working.”
― Iris Murdoch, The Sea, the Sea

It’s been a long couple of weeks, more on that later this weekend, but tonight Jeff and I are getting dressed up and going out! We’ve got tickets to Die Fledermaus and I can’t wait. But until then I’ve got a couple of projects and a cover letter to perfect. (How exactly does one make a major organization fall madly in love with one via note?) I may even try to cram in a museum or two over the weekend as well and hopefully a Skype date with the clan.

Die Fledermaus
It’s like Chicago and Christopher Nolan had an illegitimate love child, how could we not? (image via)

This may be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Celebrating today as the International Day of the Girl Child. In some places girls are aborted before they are born, in others they are abandoned after birth, in others they are married off at horrifically young ages, in others they are beaten and neglected, in others they have no rights to their own bodies as individuals, and in others they are actively targeted and hunted for trying to go to school. Even in highly developed countries girls are at higher levels of risk for sexual crime, gender based violence, high drop out rates, and more limited work opportunities than their male counterparts. Speaking up for girls matters.

Thoughts on Photoshopping.

Does what it says on the tin. US Government Shutdown inspired pickup lines.

A new podcast find.

Punctuation is very important. I don’t get too riled up personally (professionally is another matter), but I know there are minions out there who go absolutely mental over an incorrect apostrophe.

Great find from Jessica! Black and white vs. color photos are interesting to me. For some reason, even though I know better, the B&W sometimes has a quality that makes the events and people they portray seem so much more long ago than they actually are, as if they are a bit removed from reality and more in the way of fiction. The clothes may look different and the technology is new, but the people and the world is largely the same. And really the people portrayed here didn’t really live that long ago. Many children of Civil War soldiers were alive in the 1950s, the decade my own parents were born.  But somehow color makes them seem more present and real sometimes. That picture of Mark Twain, for example, could have been taken yesterday in the garden.

Need a freelance editor? I know a girl…

In the spirit of Halloween, I’m not sure what the scariest book I’ve ever read was textually speaking, but I remember reading Dracula as a teenager and having to turn the book face down on the other side of my room from my bed, close my eyes, turn out the lights and hop into bed in one bound (because monsters, duh) all because the cover of the book freaked me out so badly. It portrayed no suave debonair vampire, but showed a withered face and body with particularly long fingers and horrible staring eyes. What can I say, I have a very active pre-bed-time imagination.



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