A Desk of One’s Own

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
― Albert Einstein

For the past couple of months Jeff and I have been working from the bed, the floor, and the coffee table but we’ve not had a designated work space in the flat. I’ve been surprised at how hard and difficult it’s made things like organizing, good time management, even focusing!  There is something very encouraging and definite about a desk with your To Do list sitting on top of it and all your tools handy, instead of your laptop under the loveseat, your list at the bottom of your bag, and nary a pen in sight.

I’ve been liking our little flat – still a bit bare but pretty hopeful – but since space is at a premium, we have to evaluate how we want to use it. When Jeff’s been able to go off to an office every morning, I’ve had to make do (at one point working from the kitchen counter to just stand for a change) until we got his first paycheck. After a month of back cramps, piles of paper shifting from place to place and getting lost (how we lose anything in a place this small is beyond me!), and general frustration, we were able to hop onto the Ikea website.

My desk finally came…the chair is apparently somewhere still in transit. So I’m still working from a coffee table, it’s just switched functions at bit. It’s amazing the difference it’s already making.

Necessity being the mother of invention.
Necessity being the mother of invention. Disregard that lone shoe, if you please.


4 thoughts on “A Desk of One’s Own”

  1. Love that you have room for your satchel.

    Envious of your neatness, apart from the shoe. My desk is overloaded; it’s a nightmare. The thing that annoys me the most is my ‘concise’ Oxford dictionary. If it’s concise, why is it so bloody huge?

    1. Oh, give me time, I’m sure I can muss it up just fine in a day or two! Neatness is the goal but it’s seldom my natural state…

  2. Love how light your flat is! And great views…

    Our kitchen re-do also included three large built-in drawers in the pantry/closet adjacent that are now “my office” — i.e. where I can stash every last scrap of bloody paper. Our home now feels more like a home…We are now re-using our former dining table as my desk. It’s a little weird — a bit too tall — but much easier on the eyes to have the monitor further away.

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