Sunday Jaunt

“The Thames is liquid history.”
– John Burns

Sunday was gorgeous. It was also a bit emotionally fraught, as weekends have a habit of being, with Monday looming. So Jeff grabbed the camera and went for a wander on our patch, south of the river in Bermondsey and Rotherithe. I took him to an urban farm I’d previously visited for an assignment before we took in the Thames.

2013-10-05 20.45.172013-10-05 20.48.08

The park by our flat.

2013-10-05 18.47.502013-10-05 20.03.59

It would have been rude to pry this knocker from the door and run off with it, but I was tempted. Jeff made, “Stop it, you’re being creepy,” sounds of protests as I snapped shots of this unsuspecting front door, but I was not going to be thwarted. We also befriended a rather sweet kitty who took a break from pigeon stalking for some pets.

2013-10-05 19.59.292013-10-05 20.04.48

I love the docks and wharfs. So do the seagulls.

2013-10-05 20.15.232013-10-05 20.04.37


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