Friday Links (Self-Conscious Ostrtich Edition)

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
― Salvador Dalí

What a week. Jeff’s under the weather again, I managed to cut both my thumbs slicing vegetables for dinner last night, and I made a stupid clerical error yesterday that really just makes me want to bury my head in the sand. I hate making easily avoidable mistakes, whether they’re typos or social gaffes, because I try so hard to avoid them. Even small things like that make me feel like a fraud masquerading as a competent being, it’s the negative flipside of some Type A tendencies. I am always grateful when my mistakes are pointed out, and I try to be instantaneous about taking responsibility, correcting and apologizing for them…but I still spend about a week beating myself up anyway.

In happier news, it’s Friday, I’ve got work to do, and I’m going to try and get to at least one exhibit this weekend so while my nights might be full of tossing and turning over typos, at least I’ll be getting some culture during the days. It’s also nice and blustery outside, which believe it or not I love, so excuse me while I throw open the blinds and knuckle down to finish a project or two. Tell me what you’re doing this weekend, kittens!

Had a rough week along with me? I’ve got just the thing, it’s perfectly corking! (This one’s for you, Savvy)

For the jeweled corn alone I could love this post.

Paris fashion week this week, I can’t even imagine how exhausted the editors must be. But in that continuing mindset

These composites of what the “average” women looks like from different areas of the world is quite interesting.

Tumblr find of the week. Since Kelsey’s adventures have me dreaming of Prague

Midi rings are the latest trend to flit through my fancy. I think this one is delicate and lovely.

The New York speakeasy is alive and well! Until it was shut down…

I’m sorry but I find the history and development of tablet devices a bit funny to watch unfold. First we created a computer without a keyboard because it was more convenient than having one.. but only a couple of years later we invented a detachable keyboard that could plug into our tablets because that was more convenient than not having one. While admittedly charming, I find this latest development downright silly. Consumers, figure out what you want!


Apparently I am a very middling sort of wife – it was all downhill after the red nail polish!

Um, I’d like to direct a Carnegie Hall orchestra, thank you very much. The Marriage of Figaro!

In lieu of another tumblr find, my friend Scott sent me this meme this, which I pass on to you.

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