Next to Godliness

Nature abhors a vacuum.  And so do I.
~Anne Gibbons

I may be the furthest thing from a domestic goddess, but dear me we all have our homey habits, and mine is cleaning with a Swiffer. Which, it turns out, is ungettable in UK stores, so I turned to the global marketplace that is to aid me.

I’ve always loved those cheerful, “Your Amazon order has shipped” emails in the US, but I have to admit I adore the much more charming and grammatically correct UK email declaring that my Amazon order “has been dispatched.”

2 thoughts on “Next to Godliness”

  1. I just bought a full-sized vacuum for our flat – I’m kind of embarrassed about how long we’ve been getting by with just a handheld one (it’s small, okay, and has wood floors!). There must be something in the air going “clean your home!”

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