Friday Links XLI

‘They gave it me,’ Humpty Dumpty continued thoughtfully as he crossed one knee over the other and clasped his hands round it, ‘they gave it me — for an un-birthday present.’
‘I beg your pardon?’ Alice said with a puzzled air.
‘I’m not offended,’ said Humpty Dumpty.
‘I mean, what is an un-birthday present?’
‘A present given when it isn’t your birthday, of course.’
– Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

We just stumbled in the door from J.’s pre-birthday festivities, which involved a lovely dinner, cake at his sister’s, and rather copious amounts of our nieces and nephews beating the tar out of us.  As the resident childless aunt and uncle, our sole purpose in their eyes is to entertain them and we have a lot of fun doing so – although the bruises do accumulate.  We’re stuffed with cake so here are your links and happy weekend to you!

You guys, my childhood!  Did anyone else read and love this book?

Amen, Turkey.

This bird is determined to not be bothered.  He might be my hero after this fraught election week.

I agree wholeheartedly with the title.

Kate Beaton’s history quizzes fill me with nerd joy.

Quirky vegetables produce (pun!) much the same reaction.

And when they were done, they took the best bits with them and put them in museums in London.  For which I am personally grateful, but secretly a bit guilty about.

I’m seriously excited about the new Bond movie.  And honestly the thing that made me wild to see it was the moment on the trailer when he swings into a half exploded train and straightens his cuff.  Class.  Sexy, sexy class.  In honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary, I give you this to play with.  Submit your best ones in the comments.

In honor of the recent election.

The weekly sheep.

And we’re going to bed.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links XLI”

  1. The history quiz was lovely — I’ve actually seen the Bayeux tapestry. Well worth getting there to see it in person, so to speak. Her site sells T-shirts, and I’ve asked Jose for the Canada one for Xmas.

  2. Oh, I love Island of the Blue Dolphins. I still own a copy and read it regularly. It’s nearly as dogeared as The Giver and 1984 by now.

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