Friday Links XXXIX (Bump in the night. And some other stuff.)

“Halloween is huge in my house and we really get into the ‘spirits’ of things.”
~Dee Snider

Thanks, Ned.

It snowed for the first time the other day, and I’ve had to scrape off the car two days in a row.  As George R.R. Martin would quip, winter is coming!  We’re less than a week away from November, which means less than a month until we spend a week with my clan for Thanksgiving!  Marie and her husband James might be spending the holiday with us (you will recall that I forcibly kidnapped them and forced them to spend Christmas with us last year – or just invited them, whatever…), and Gio will be in town as well.  I cannot wait!  But, as I’m forever lecturing, one holiday at a time, let’s enjoy the last week of October and its black and orange drenched goodness first.   I found some Halloween-ish links for you this week, minions, enjoy!

This little girl is fantastic!

Here’s a lovely little program on P.G. Wodehouse, one of my favorite comedic authors, courtesy of Kate Beaton at Hark, A Vagrant! 

In a jam?  Feel bad about yourself?  Friend putting him/herself down?  Never fear!

Interesting to ponder on.

Halloween is next week, but goodness those vendors are all afire to get their Christmas decor up, eh?  If you insist on skipping holidays, minions, let’s at least keep the food traditional.

I’ve been in Paris many times before…but now I must go back.

Mum lived in Japan as a girl and collects Asian antiques and pieces to this day, so I’ve always appreciated the art.  I especially like the woodblock tradition…although (in the spirit of Halloween) I’ve got to be honest, these sort of give me the willies.

The National Trust has about a million Pintrest boards, but this one is seasonal appropriate, I feel.

Speaking of, murder spot uncovered?  Paging Scarlett!

Let’s laugh at the expense of these gentlemen, shall we?

The weekly sheep, gearing up for Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links XXXIX (Bump in the night. And some other stuff.)”

  1. Nice choices!

    My Paris friend Matthew had posted that bridge on FB; my friend and fellow board member Greg wrote that cool Smithsonian story…and those Japanese prints are amazing. I’ve grown up with Asian art as well (love it) but these are eerie indeed.

    1. You know, there are times when I would kill for a peak at your address book, or to be a fly on the wall of your dinner parties. You know such wonderfully interesting people!

      And there’s a reason successful horror stories and films often originate in Japan – there’s a mythology with some serious scare skills.

  2. just have to say I love your links at the end of the week. and also maybe someday we can get ALL the meerkats together again!

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