Campus Costumes

“I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.”
~Author Unknown

People really get into the spirit of Halloween on our humble campus, and what’s really valued is creativity.  No “sexy Mrs. Potato Heads” here if you please, we want to see you come up with something clever!  And I fail almost every time to remember my camera.  Some bloggers live to Instagram, kittens, and I struggle with not dropping smartphones.  C’est la vie.

So far I’ve seen:

Ash Ketchem and Pikachu (of Pokemon fame), couples costume
The Doctor (as interpreted by David Tennant)
Zombies, as a group
A spider
Robin Hood
A wizard
Snow White
A bumblebee
Far too many girls in cat ears with whiskers drawn on their face
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Minnie Mouse
At least three people with name tags reading “Maybe”
A Lego brick

Dressing up is something I still love and plan on enjoying until age and infirmity take me.  This year I’m Rosie the Riveter.  We’ll see if we get around to documenting it.  We can do it!

5 thoughts on “Campus Costumes”

  1. I, for one, am very tired of tights, short skirts/tutu’s, and cat ears. I went with a more clever costume. I was a smartie pants. I attached smarties to my pants. I have to say that people respond with more enthusiasm to a clever costume like that than they do something that shows off everything. Of course, dressing up as The Doctor is very acceptable.

    1. Amen to the Doctor. And your costume sounds cheeky and fun! I much prefer clever costumes, anyone can be a bit tarty, not everyone can be a smartypants 😉

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