More of the Same

“Even boredom has its crises.”
– Mason Cooley

There’s been more than the usual amount of radio silence here at Small Dog Enterprises.  We’ve had a few shifts around at work which has meant short (if any) lunch breaks and coming in early/staying late.  And as lunch is when I do a good portion of my writing, you can see how this leads to a general problem.  Never fear, this is (supposedly) a limited issue and hopefully a replacement will be found for the cad who’s departure left us in the lurch – looking at you, Off. Lampost!

The long and short of it is that I’ve taken on all police front desk area work so my workload has at least doubled.  The irony of it.  I’ve been asking for more things to do since about the time I started here four years ago (Sidenote- gack!  Four years!  Time to go) and I’m sure there are any number of quotes to the effect that Providence punishes people by giving them exactly what they ask for.

But also, as per usual for this time of year, I’m feeling stuck again.  I think Autumn is so wrapped up in my head with new changes, projects and challenges that when it rolls around and nothing changes significantly, I start to get antsy.

I am ready to move on.  I’ve come to appreciate this job, as much as I like to grouse about it, because it has taught me to work.  I thought I knew what work was when I graduated university – four years later I look back on my younger self with a headshake and a, “Oh, honey, just you wait.”  But now that I have some applicable skills under my belt, I want to do something with them besides just answering phones and puncturing helicopter parents when they start to swell up because their beloved child got in trouble.  I’m nervous to look for work again, but oddly excited too.

I am ready to live somewhere new.  I grew up moving so much that staying in one place for too long makes me claustrophobic, and I’ve now been in this corner of the world for longer than I’ve lived anywhere.  It would be going too far to say that I hate it here, but it’s not an exaggeration that I could never set foot here again and be perfectly happy.  I stayed for J., and I’ve never regretted it for one moment, but that doesn’t mean I won’t gleefully drive away and never look back.

I am so ready for us to be a two income family (apparently the term for that is DINK – dual income, no kids.  I’m not sure I’ll categorize myself as such, though) and not stuck in this quasi-student exsistence.

I cannot wait to be back in London, where you can’t be bored or stiffled if you tried.  The weather may be terrible, the rent may be high, the practicalities of life might weigh, but there is always somewhere to go, something to do, places to just be.  You’ll never run into the same person twice (as opposed to where we are now where the vast majority of the population seem to be clones of one another, albeit in a more futile than frigtening way).  And there is always something to explore.

I am ready for change, ducklings, and so these days, with their oppresive Sameness are just a bit more smothering than usual.

So!  How do you get through the boring bits?  Clearly this isn’t a life skill I’ve properly developed, which is why it’s such a handy thing to have lovely minions to interrogate.  Share your thoughts and recommendations, Aunty C. needs them.

Jupiter Ammon! My worst fear incarnated!

5 thoughts on “More of the Same”

  1. London, baby. Get over there!

    In the meantime (which I hope will be brief), I sometimes find that the smallest changes — even a few — can help. Like, try a new-to-you radio station, since you can stream from anywhere on the net, now…you could even start listening to BBC if you don’t already.

    If you can afford the gas (!) maybe some day trips or weekend trips to places you haven’t seen…a local/national/state park for a long hike? A great dive bar? Somewhere fun for brunch? Since you are so careful not to reveal your location, its hard to offer specific suggestions.

    Maybe learn a new skill? Watch a pile of cool TED talks?

  2. Oh, I’m just a tiny (read: TONS) jealous that you’re going to live in London.

    Also, that picture at the bottom of your post? Looks EXACTLY like Vegas where I grew up.

  3. Lampost is gone? Huh.

    I know a little bit about being sick of living somewhere, and I know a lotta bit about being bored to death for the sake of someone you love. My advices are these:

    1. Force yourself to learn a new skill, the more intimidating, the better. You’ll be a Londoner before you know it; who knows when fluency in Punjabi (or something) will come in handy?
    2. Keep in touch with the people who are important to you. In other words, phone date later?
    3. Practical jokes – ’nuff said.
    4. When all else fails, exercise, if only for the endorphins. Smaller clothes shopping is always a bonus, too.

    I don’t know how helpful that was, but somehow typing it was like giving myself a mini pep talk, too.

    We will survive!


  4. I’ve felt that stuck feeling! Getting involved in something, meeting new people, or taking a class has helped me. Learning something new, even if something fun and easy is always lifting to my spirits! Good luck 🙂

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