Friday Links XXXVI (Sense of Humor Intact)

“There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends.”
– Arnot Sheppard

Life may be dull, but we must press on, darlings.  As hard as Fall makes me want to up sticks and hitchhike to London now, it is still my favorite season and I’m throwing myself into it.  The other day I came home and immediately was seized with the baking frenzy – apple turnovers in cheddar cheese crusts and a spiced apple cake were the result and I’m still smug about them.  Today was also the first morning that required a light coat (specifically my stylish new trench that I bought on sale and in preparation for the London move, a trench being an absolute necessity for British life), which made me a bit giddy to be honest.  Fall has the best fashion, the best food, what else is there?

I’m also getting revved up for the holiday season, which when properly and liturgically observed lasts well into the new year!  Any excuse for good food and good company.  Marie and her husband Janus survived the adopted family trial period of last Christmas and are going to spend Thanksgiving with us in Virginia this year!  Anyone else who shows up will be very welcome, we’ll have pie.

Here are your links, well-beloved minions.  You’ve earned them.

I spend an average of an hour and a half working out, and my salary hasn’t changed one iota.  I call foul.

I cannot begin to express how upset this makes me.  My family is involved in scouting, both my brothers and my husband are Eagle Scouts, my father and grandfather participated in the program, I was a Venture Scout (the co-ed version of Boy Scouts – you should have seen the boys’ faces when our car rolled up with girls in it at camp.  An equally mix of offended, elated, and panicked), my brothers have jamboree-d on Lord Baden-Powell’s estate.  We like scouts.  But this is unacceptable.  BSA has been making a lot of decisions lately that have deeply disappointed me and caused me to rethink my support, which is saddening.

Since various misinformed, misogynistic nincompoops politicians have been throwing out “facts” lately, here’s a good introductory guide as to what birth control is, what it does, and what it doesn’t do.  The more you know, kittens.  Page four is political so be aware.

Social media tells me that another reason to look forward to fall are pumpkin lattes, which are apparently The Best Thing Ever.  I’m a tea over coffee girl, myself, so this rather stumps me.  Latte minded minions weigh in.

I have been to Italy multiple times, but when I was in Venice I was a child.  But I remember it (particularly the pigeons and the rather bad time we had at the glassblowing island, but after that it was lovely).  And this photo makes me want to go back and go to dinner.

The appeal…is utterly lost on me.

You may have watched the debate this week.  Good.  It’s important to take political involvement seriously.

People being decent.

I plan on being the reincarnation of this character when I’m old.  And I plan on enjoying it tremendously.

It’s October and the witching hour is upon us, so in that spirit (see what I did there?), here’s a tale of superstition to whet your appetites.

This excites me to an embarrassing degree, I cannot wait to see how the revamped season will go (and I especially Maeby with Catherine of Braganza hair).

The weekly sheep, a bit more grotesque than usual.

*photo from

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