Friday Links XXXV (Animal Kindom Edition)

“I do like escapism.  I like going to the movies on a Friday night and seeing something fun.”
– Charlie Kaufman

I truly have no idea what this photo has to do with anything. Enjoy it.

It’s another game weekend, which means an awful lot of scurrying about to prepare for it – and a lot of sympathy for the poor football player who came in earlier to report that someone hit his car in the parking lot.  Shake it off, dude, we need you!

I have a Girl’s Day with the ladies of my godfamily planned for tomorrow, laundry to fold, and I fully intend on blackmailing J. to taking me to seep “Looper,” since he unwittingly revealed a major spoiler and must atone for such a mistake.  What soirees/minor acts of revenge are you participating in this weekend, ducklings?

You may remember a while back that an incredibly impressive computer was developed.  When this paragon was set up with the ability to search the web, it immediately started “viewing” cat videos.  In that spirit, some enterprising soul condensed the internets down for you to one video for you.  You’re welcome.

Kate Spade New York has some really nice city guides for the travel minded.  Of course I checked out the London one to compare notes, but now I’m craving a jaunt to Copenhagen.

The Queen talks back!

Elmo: red, cuddly, fashionista.  Who knew.

This woman is impressive.  And the internet is finally good for undoing some unfortunate behavior.

The hell?!

Tomorrow, tens of thousands of museums across the country will be offering free admission!  Minions are encouraged to take advantage.

You may remember that J. and I picked up some E. H. Shepard prints for Winnie the Pooh while in London, but he also did the original artwork for The Wind in the Willows, another of my childhood favorites.  Here’s a glimpse into some of his drawings.  Toad holding court with the cigar is my favorite.

Here, another animal video.  This one brought J. much joy.

Good grief, it’s Mother Nature’s Little Darlings day, here’s one of the funniest photos I’ve seen in a while.  It’s all fun and games until one of these things stabs Steve Irwin in the heart, kids.

My planned jack-o’lantern for Halloween this year suddenly seems a lot less impressive.

And the weekly sheep.  Endlessly.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links XXXV (Animal Kindom Edition)”

    1. Oh wow! The last time that happened to me, I was stuck in a jungle in the middle of the Pacific and confronted by an angry wild boar mama. Hope your wilderness jaunt ended much less frantically!

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