Monday Links I / XXXVII (like James VII and II at the same time)

I had an earache, headache, stomachache, and sore throat most of the weekend, went home early on Friday and still made it to our niece’s feis (pronounced “fesh”), her Irish dance competition, on Saturday.  Winningest aunt award.  Also, drugs are fantastic.  So, better late than never, lovelies, here are some fun things I found for you, let’s have a better week than my weekend, m’kay?

A group of gentlemen in Scotland, mutual interested in find drink and fine tailoring have started a club.  I approve.

A friend of mine recently revisited the Meyer-Briggs personality test – you may recall that I was an ENTJ.  Apparently I still am, and apparently so is every major super-villain ever, with the exception of Professor Moriarty from Sherlock.  And J.’s personality matches his.  Between the two of us, we could take over the world and be thoroughly unpleasant dictators.  Minions will, of course, all be given post high in the government that they may or may not be qualified for.

Napoleon was an ENTJ too, and so are most small dogs.  Aren’t they, ducklings?  Here’s some small dog syndrome pictorial goodness for you to enjoy.

The Coveteur is a fabulous site showcasing fabulous people looking fabulous.  This is my favorite of their profiles – the quotes are the best.

Speaking of fabulous, who knew?!


In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.  Looks highly suitable for this time of year.

More Halloween stuff – this is so true and depresses me unbelievably.

Would you?

Mr. Rogers defends American public television.  So say we all!

There!  I fixed it!  (Seriously, this site got me through Friday…)

3 thoughts on “Monday Links I / XXXVII (like James VII and II at the same time)”

  1. Don’t forget that Napoleon had his Waterloo… defeated by the Duke of Wellington, who was an *ISTJ* just like me!! So are Queen Elizabeth II, Eeyore and Darth Vader… anyone looking to be choke-killed? LOL 😉
    Hope you are feeling much better this week – may the force be with you!!

  2. I actually did know about Kermit Oliver. I own two Hermes scarves, each bought in the past five or six years, and treasure them. I got into a long convo with one of the salespeople at the Hermes boutique in NY and she told me about him. So cool!

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