Weather and Whining

“Henry, I’m tired.”
“Sleep then.”
– The Lion in Winter

I can’t talk about Saturday, kittens.  Let’s just say the travel gods are fickle and leave it at that.

J. and I spent yesterday, our anniversary, in and out of fogs.  Up late packing, up early to the airport left us in quite a state.  We both fell into unplanned naps throughout the afternoon, watched some movies, and I taught J. how to play Rummy and he trounced me at it.  Romantic?  Not particularly.  We’re delaying our celebration until we’re in London in a week.

Sidenote: a week!  Life needs to slow down, I’m tired!

Also, the weather gods seem to be in a mood. We need to throw a virgin into a volcano or something.

2 thoughts on “Weather and Whining”

  1. Whatever the weather gods are doing is working for me! SO jealous you get to be in London during the Olympics.

    1. Alas, we’re not there for the Olympics, we’re there for J.’s graduation and then it’s straight back home for us. And you blossom in the sun, m’dear, I wilt.

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