Travel is Imminent, Repeat, Travel is Imminent!

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”
– Ayn Rand

Or, in my case, blog.

Floors: swept and mopped
Bathroom: reorganized and purged
Oven: oh dear…
Packing: commenced
Produce: nearly all eaten
Living Room: a disaster zone
Bedroom: not much better
Kitchen: let’s not talk about it
Dry Cleaning Pile: large
Bags of Clothes To Be Donated: three (so far)
Moping/Sulking: over with
Excitement Levels: rising
Stress Levels: ditto
Things Left To Do: legion

Ducklings, we went to work this weekend.  And, ducklings, we are tired.

J. has his final check out at work today, we have more things to eat so our fridge isn’t a possessed cesspool of rot and evil when I get back, and we can’t find a garment bag that we were sure was in a suitcase.  I’ve started deep cleaning everything so I have fewer things to worry about while I’m gone and things are more pleasant to come home to.  The living room is carpeted with piles of clothes and paraphernalia in and out of suitcases.  Also!  We cleaned the oven just for kicks and discovered [quit reading here, Mum] that the interior is blue instead of black.  Let’s not dwell on that.   Onward!

3 thoughts on “Travel is Imminent, Repeat, Travel is Imminent!”

  1. had to laugh hysterically at a certain double entendre in this post, and to tell myself you surely put it there expressly for my benefit.

    promise me that when you get back we’ll finally exchange actual phone numbers and actually talk!

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