Murphy’s Freakin’ Law. Again!

“Frugality is misery in disguise.”
– Publilius Syrus

And, suddenly and as inconveniently as it always is, our car needs a $1500 repair.  The day before we fly out.

Seriously…plane tickets home for me, plane tickets for both of us to the East Coast, a week in a hotel in London while we hunt for a flat for J., and the food we haven’t even bought yet.  Come on, universe, just give us a break.

Thank Jupiter, Odin, and Quetzalcoatl we built up a decent pile of savings against the day of reckoning for grad school and can afford it.  Which pile is swiftly depleting.  Minions, send me your tips and tricks to spiff up Ramen, I’ll be living on it for the next six months!


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