Unconditional Offer

“Curiosity may have killed the cat but it sure has earned a lot of people graduated degrees.”
– Robyn Irving

By artist Blanca Gomez. Click for more of her charming work. And yes, you better believe I bought one for myself!

It’s official!  Barring misfiling of paperwork, collapse of government, and/or the continual eruptions of Icelandic volcanoes…we are going to the U.K. for grad school!  We got an unconditional offer in the mail yesterday, and J. is in at the London School of Economics!  Let me tell you, just when I think that man can’t get any more impressive…he rises.

A part of me is sad, we had several offers and many of them would have taken us closer to family and friends (now I must wait even longer to try Janssen’s various and impressive selections of homemade ice cream)…but a bigger part of me is selfishly thrilled.  We get to have one last adventure before we “grow up” and I get to go home.

I’ve been homesick for England for years now and it’s almost surreal to realize we’ll be going back.  After getting home from visiting my parents over Christmas two years ago, as you may recall, I had a minor breakdown and J. promised that someday he would get me home.  And, behold.  He’s actually been pretty smug about it, saying he’s off the hook now in our marriage for at least a decade.  But Scarlett pointed out that he’s actually set a dangerous precedent for himself as it regards me: all major wishes fulfilled within two years, guaranteed!

Information forthcoming, darlings, as my entire focus is going to be on our move this Fall, so watch this space.  And for the record, any and all of you are welcome!  Come and visit!  You can sleep on the floor of our studio flat (heck, if we really like you we’ll even give up our bed for you!) and we’ll take you around the city.  I’ve got a great crepe place you need to try, plus the best cheese shop in the United Kingdom.  We’ll catch a couple shows in the West End, or even just find a nice patch of sun in Hyde Park and gossip before taking afternoon tea together.  And yes, I am serious.  You are expected.

9 thoughts on “Unconditional Offer”

  1. Well, it’s decided. You’ll just have to live there longer than a year, or move back, because I won’t be able to travel abroad for the next 18 months. Otherwise, I would be there in a heartbeat. Stay there, I tell you! STAY THERE!

  2. would KILL to visit you, both because it’s been tragically long since we’ve hung out and because …london! now that you’ll be there i’ll have one cousin and two very close friends in the city, which absolutely merits a visit. wonder what time of year the cheapest ny/london flights are…

  3. Congrats to you and your man. It’s not exactly FARGO, but not everyone can be as lucky as me. 😉

    I’ve never been out of the country and don’t envision it happening anytime soon, but if I find myself in London, you bet I’ll look you up!

    Thank goodness for the internet!!

  4. Oh my!!!!! Congratulations!!! London?!?!?!?!

    I know, I’m a writer and I am abusing punctuation, but the situation calls for said abuse.

    I’m jealous and excited for you in one fell swoop. I will miss the grist of the police blotter. But, LONDON!

    (may I please take advantage of your ever so kind invitation? after you settle in? please?)

  5. I am so seriously taking you up on that offer. YOU ARE SO FREAKING LUCKY! 😉 I’m really happy for you two!

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