When It Rains…etc. etc. etc.

There exists somewhere the real quote but for the life of me, I can’t find it.  Here’s a rough overview.  “When God wants to punish someone, he gives them what they asked for.”
– poorly paraphrased by C.

For myself, I’m sort of wishing the world had spun off into the screaming void.  Mondays often have that effect on me, but today has been particularly challenging, pumpkins.

Ever since the term ended I have been literally begging for more work to do, and finally Lt. Citrus informed me that I would be assisting him to prepare for a campus showcase in which our department would participate.  My delight quickly turned to dismay when it transpired that I would be in charge of making posters and handout cards in the hundreds.  Why dismay, you ask?  Because in order to get these made in the cheapest way possible I would have to use the campus print and copy center.

Oh. I beg to differ.

Only someone who has spent the hours I have – cutting out hundreds of laminated booklets, having packets made up (only to have an officer come to me hours later and say that he now wanted another version instead – after approving the first version multiple times), stamping, printing, reconfiguring, scanning, and weeping – can comprehend the sense of futility the print and copy center brings me.  I am inevitably helped by a well meaning but still-being-trained-sorry! freshman who can’t operate the machinery.  The power goes out in the middle of a massive scanning job.  Against all odds and common sense my projects are cut the wrong way sending half pages (containing words and data!) into a garbage bin.

Already they have had to reprint the posters I requested because they came out with myriad ink lines streaking them – the employee didn’t notice these glaring gashes of black and blue – and they have had to re-cut 500 cards.  And to cap it all off, as I was coming back to the office, the heavens opened and the rain.  Came.  Down.

Sigh.  Cheer me up, ducklings, any fun stories of customer service?

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