“Calm me down.  Tell me I should buy the croissants instead of make them!”
“Holy mother of baking…buy the croissants, woman and don’t be ridiculous!  You’re throwing a small shower not a presidential ball, I forbid you to bake a single french pastry!”
-Venice and C.

Vicky's going to get me killed...
Vicky's going to get me killed...

Venice is throwing me a bridal shower tomorrow…J.’s mom and sister are coming…and all of my friends have been asking me my lingerie sizes.  If I never post again it is because I have either A) died of humiliation, or B) been killed by his affronted family! 

At least we’ll die well-fed!  Venice just called me at work to confess she’s gone overboard with the cupcakes (red velvet of course) and has dozens.  But when I said, “Yeah!  More for us!” she came back quickly with, “Wedding in less than three weeks.  Dress, dear.”  She is such a good friend.

3 thoughts on “Horrors!”

  1. Definitely one of the benefits to having family and ward bridal showers with my friends sprinkled throughout. It made said friends (i.e. YOU) reconsider the lingerie route or at least wait until later to bombard me. Think of it this way, while you may lack in fundamental basic housewares, at least you’ll have no shortage of intimates! See you tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Ummm…So funny! And it was a lovely shower. I think store-purchased croissants are still divine! (And no one was paying attention to the croissants–we were all too busy stuffing our faces with those delightful cupcakes!!) All the food was so good!

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